2010 Gentleman of the Year: Final Four

Down to the Final Four. Let’s get to it

Jurgen v Mar
– Hosted a gentlemanly gathering at his palace
– Bought coffee for everyone
– Busted out the Jameson Special Reserve so we could have Irish coffee
– Vanity. $1600
– He would like to speak to a representative at the front desk so he will call someplace else. Thank you have a good night
– He is also a warrior having sustained the most bruises and cuts out of all of us.
– Steinbrenner of the CoG

– I’ve concluded that the only thing better than big titties is….BIGGER TITTIES!
– Was not sober once in Vegas.
– Taught a hook how to dougie so she wouldn’t steal his camera
– Discovered that Night Fever makes all the girls take their clothes off

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Rick v Daryl
– Randomly created and scored a sheep.
– He takes criticism and corrects his playlist.
– Volunteers his time at ARC to chaperone events, whereas ARC = the COG and events = any gathering of the COG
-Keeps Mike’s Pizza in business
– Kept Mar and Joyce alive on the streets of Baltimore

– “I just built Rio the Snowman. He is lacking all major appendages including stick arms. He has no carrot nose because I was too goddamn lazy to get a carrot, and I lack coal or a corn cob pipe to complete the illusion…”
– “I usually disappear into convenience stores and show up at the bar again, 45 minutes later, holding a bag of Doritios. This is what I’m told happens anyway”
– Taught his kidney spanish so it could play on the Mets. It batted .294 with 10 HRs and 72 RBIs. .992 Fielding Percentage
– 6 Martinis at the wedding

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May the God bless you forever

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