Another Evening with Daryl

Since Daryl doesn’t have Gmail access at work, we once again decided to bombard him with questions during the day. Upon returning home, he answered all the questions once again.

#1) Daryl – What will be your first act as the newly crowned GotY?
From Rick

My first act as GotY was to ask Dougla$ to post an acceptance speech on the GotY thread on as I was unable to do so due to Prudential’s proxy. However, I agree that is a passive reaction. My first (active act) act will be to proclaim the first round at the next gentlemanly gathering will be on me.

#2) Daryl – What is your favorite Will Ferrell movie?
From Rick

I have a tough time thinking of a better Will Ferrell movie than “Old School.” In fact, whenever I start drinking under any circumstance, I text my one friend “it’s so good when it hits your lips.” Half the sent items in my SMS log say that.

#3) Daryl – do you think Oswald acted alone?
From Ostrowe

I think Lee Harvey Oswald was just a cog in the machine. The fact he was killed by Ruby leaves little doubt in my mind someone was trying to cover something up.

#4) Daryl – do you think Mar and Dougla$ will ever see the money Gerry Oswald owes them? Also, how’s Steve Elkington’s putter?
From Ostrowe

Wow, a two parter here. I ask the members of the press to refrain from those as my time is limited and I would like everyone to get a chance to answer. I think Mar and Dougla$ are wasting their time compounding interest on that $60 owed to them. I would venture a guess, SARS could correct me if I’m wrong, that the statute of limitations on such a small debt has expired, and they have no prayer of ever seeing that money because of it. Steve Elkington’s putter is doing well.

#5) Daryl – She’s a good girl daryl. You bettah call her. Where are you
gonna go on your first date Daryl?
From Rick

Houlihans based on the facts provided. Way too open ended of a question to give a definitive answer.

#6) Daryl – What is your tea choice at your last meal?
From Poppers


#7) Daryl – do you think you’ll ever beat jim$ in creditcard roulette?
From Mar

I am actually 2-1 at credit card roulette in games Jim$ plays in. My lone loss comes to you actually. So yes, I have actually already beaten Jim$ at that game.

#8) Daryl – Where were you when the Hoboken Train Station burned down?
From Rick

It always seems to happen when I’m at the Green Rock, so I was probably right down the street at the Green Rock at the time. I’m sorry I don’t have a better alibi.

#9) Daryl – What is your ideal Joyce Adventure to go on?
From Rick

“I don’t know. I guess I sort of like them all.”

#10) Daryl – How do you make your favorite Martini?
From Joyce

First fill the glass with ice. Fill a boston shaker with ice. Over the ice pour a tiny bit of vermouth (less than half a finger). Next add either Beef Eater or Tanquerai gin or Grey Goose Vodka (gin is preferred, but if I have Vodka that’s OK too). Shake it to combine. Some people contend that bruising a clear liquor is a terrible idea, but I’m OK with it. Pour the ice out of the glass, pour in the, mixed drink while straining the ice. Serve with two olives. No that is not a dirty Martini, Poppers.

#11) Daryl – if you were a hotdog, where would you go?
From Mar

Baseball game.

#12) Daryl – What is your preferred shoe and/or sneaker to wear (if any at all) while boozing?
From Joyce

It depends on the establishment and circumstances. If you catch me on a Friday, there’s a good chance I wore a pair of Nike walking shoes to work and their comfort makes them a versatile boozing shoe. For more upscale venues, or other post work activities, I have a pair of Florshiems that I wear (my general go to work show) and find enjoyable.

#13) Daryl – Are you going to participate in the Gentle-cation? The trip is depending on you
From Rick

Hope to.

#14) Do any of you gentlemen play FIFA ’11 for XBox?
From Eddie O

I do not. Sorry.

#15) Daryl, if you could wear any type of sweater, what would it be? I prefer a cotton full zip cardigan.
From Jmac


#16) Daryl, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
From Ostrowe

Until about 8th grade I dominated everyone at football (I was always faster than everyone), I wanted to do that. After I went to a high school with no football team it became rock star.

#17) Daryl – When you grew up, what did you want to be when you were a kid?
From Rick

I’d tell 8th grade Daryl that as a grown up he wants to be a neurologist.

#18) Daryl – what’s your favorite Christmas song?
From Ostrowe

“Oh, Holy Night” – South Park Cast

#19) Daryl – I know you may not be familiar with mass transit since you are
wealthy and have your own limo, but what should I do if the guy on the
subway is standing in my personal space?
From Rick

As the train comes to a stop people are generally off balance. That’s when you “crash” into them which relocates them by a foot or so. Your leverage on the spot should yield your spot, generally no longer contested.

#20) Follow up question for Daryl. after black safter [sic] which two actresses
would you like to see bang in a mainstream movie?
From Rick

If it wasn’t the “Black Safter” chicks, the Black Swan girls would be a solid choice. In real life one of them just broke up with Kevin McAllister. If you wrote “Black Safter” but meant “Black Swan” I would question why no one has arranged for Olivia Wilde and Kate Mara to bang o screen yet.

#21) Daryl – fucking magnets, how do they work?
From Ostrowe via ICP

I think it has to do with the fact that the most magnetic elements are metals and they have extra electrons.

#22) Daryl – In your own words, define true happiness
From Rick

I would never try and define true happiness. If can only think of one thing that makes you happy, then you would be a miserable human being.

#23) Daryl – do you prefer Dean Koontz or Stephen King?
From Ostrowe

Stephen King

#24a) Daryl – MFK Precious, Ke$ha, brittney Murphy (current state)
M: Brittney Murphey (cash in on her estate);
F: Ke$ha (she has a dollar sing in her name, isn’t she already married to Dougla$?);
K: Precious.

#24b) MFK Theresa, the redhead, icebox
A gentleman never tells, so I abstain

#25c) MFK Your stalker, p!nk, siobahn
Wow, that’s hard. M: Pink; F: Stalker; K: SioBAHn

#26) I suggested going to pizza hut for dinner. But Dmo and mar voted against it and we went to burger king. In related news, Wendy’s is the best fast food burger. Daryl – what do you think
From Rick

The fast food burger landscape has changed so much since I stopped eating meat that for me to comment would not be a reflection on its current status.

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