Greatest. CoG. Picture. Ever.

By the narrowest of margins we have a winner. And Daryl has pulled off the double. Congrats to the GotY

The best part about all these pictures is that each one captures a moment. And in each moment, when you break it down to the lowest common denominator, we are all on the Pursuit of Happiness

And now, the transcript of Daryl’s victory speech:
Members of the Greatest CoG Picture Ever voting public,

I have been informed that the entry for “All Hail Daryl” has been selected as the Greatest CoG Picture ever. Even though I have been asked to give a speech such a picture wouldn’t be possible without the other subjects in the photograph. I would like to take this opportunity to thank former Gentlemen of the Year Jim$ and Joyce, former Gentlewoman of the Year Jenn$, the current Gentlewoman of the Year Theresa Power, yearly Gentleman of the Year tournament powerhouses Dougla$ and Jurgen as well as Danielle and Melissa for elevating the aura of this entry to what many already consider to be the pinnacle of photography. This pristine shot could not have happened without such a collection of gentle-people to be in frame at the same time and I owe much of that to the CoG collectively as they ensure I only associate with individuals worthy of such recognition. You know, some people may say that the ultimate achievement in CoG history may have happened the night before at the Green Rock when we were able to prove it is possible to run up an $800 tab on dollar beer night. However, this photograph shows that associating with upstanding individuals such as the subjects pictured will never permit the great moments shared amongst friends to end. Once again, a heart felt thank you goes out to the voting public and of course the CoG collective.
Thank you.

Daryl Daryl Baker
Undisputed GotY 2010


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