Dew Tour Portland Invitational – Skate Street Semis

Being in Portland makes me wonder why people bother living in the Northeast. The weather here is wonderful but the competition in the Rose Garden is even better. Skate Street is making its 2011 Dew Tour debut here in the City of Roses, and with it comes a brand new concrete street course. Paul Rodriguez wasted no time leaving his mark finishing in the top spot in Semis. Here are the highlights:

And just for good measure…gif!

1 Paul Rodriguez 85.50
2 Ryan Decenzo 84.00
3 Manny Santiago 82.50
4 Mario Saenz 80.25
5 Danilo Do Rosario 78.50
6 Kelvin Hoefler 78.25
7 Alec Majerus 78.25
8 Scott Decenzo 77.50
9 Adam Dyet 76.75
10 Ryo Sejiri 75.00
11 Timmy Knuth 74.25

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