Most. Bro. Movie. Ever.

0:10 – Chick voiceover…this movie is going to be a chick flick
0:18 – Wait. That guy is pretty Bro
0:22 – Wait…what sport is that
0:23 – Your name is Brookyln?
0:28 – This voiceover is terrible
0:32 – Yup. He would love lacrosse
0:35 – Brogression.
0:38 – Really. Going to work in the history of lacrosse into the trailer?
0:49 – Bro 1: Do you play right side attack?
0:50 – Bro 2: Damn straight.
1:04 – There they go tugging heart strings bro. Too bad big bros don’t cry
1:06 – Conner, NO!
1:15 – Bros gone bad. Aka Nice Canadian Tuxedo
1:22 – This movie is going to have great montages
1:27 – Shirt Bro poorly channeled aggression! This house doesn’t stand a chance
1:31 – Still can’t stand the voiceover
1:33 – This must be some kind of troubled bro programs. What are the odds they all play lacrosse
1:34 – “Your dad played.” Of course he did
1:37 – Dramatically take off bro beanie…bronie?
1:49 – Kellan Lutz. Such a bro name
1:53 – Chord Overstreet?! Holy moly. Move over Kellan. Chord has you beat by like 1000 Bro Points*
2:00 – Nice subtle product placement in the title of the movie.
2:05 – Fact: The entire world has been waiting for this movie since American Pie grazed the subject matter 12 years ago

*Note: 1 Bro Point = 1 Can of Natty Light. Which this trailer is sorely lacking. No longer as realistic as it could be.

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