Forever Young. The WWF Running Diary

Yes. I know. The title is inaccurate, but it is still the WWF to me dammit. As a kid, I loved wrestling. Hogan. Macho Man. Luger. Sting. Warrior. The list goes on. My mom still has a giant tub off wrestling action figures in her attic. However, to say that I stopped following the soap operas of the McMahon’s would be an understatement. Tonight, I reverted to my younger days and went to my first live show in at least 17 years. And I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty fun.

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Merry Gifmas To All

Since Maxx works at Busch Gardens, we get the chance to see him perform every season at a fraction of the price.  Three years ago, Busch created Christmas Town, and every year since, they aim to up the ante.  Here are some gifs from our Christmas Eve visit.  I of course had to gifterize Christmas morning too

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2011 Gentleman of the Year – Final Four

Only two rounds left. Will Dmo beat able to derail Tebow? Let’s cut the chit chat.  This is the final four

1 – Rick
– Let Dougla$ and I stay with him all weekend in Killington, got us free lift tickets, free entry to DJ Cassidy, and paid for all our meals
– Is a big swinging dick at NBC sports/dew tour/Alli sports
– Has minions
– Is good at sleeping and yelling in his sleep
– Runs shit
– Has friends at Alli Sports that say, “oh Nick Casanova!?!?!?!  He’s my boy!!!!!”
– Works for NBC
– is a fucking gent
– gave Jim$ a GPS
– Introduced Mar to Jessica
– Cooked a plate of community eggs for everyone
– Is a human GPS helping Ostrowe navigate his way around the city

3 – Joyce
– Wild card
– Has a girlfriend who has hot friends
– Other reasons that I am forgetting at the moment
– Every Man Has a Molly
– Told Heather to shut the fuck up in front of everyone
– Won the Das Boot challenge



1 – Dmo
– Drove Rick and Mar to and from Killington and managed to fit 2 snowboards, skis, and all of our shit in his car
– Brought a Red Bull for Mar in case he got winded
– Is good at fondling college girls’ titties
– Dominant ping-pong player
– Is responsible and didn’t lose his laptop
– Is a gentleman
– Likes the Turge
– Sends emails from his iPhone

7 – Tim Tebow
– Wins games despite not being able to make routine passes before the fourth quarter
– Pisses off 99% of football analysts in the process
– May be the second coming of Jesus Christ


2011 Gentleman of the Year: First Round

Gentleman of the Year is a tradition that dates back to 2008 when the first tournament was held. That year 16 Gentlemen were nominated in a fairly archaic manner. Much like college sports, there are two polls that reign supreme. The Gentleman’s Vote and the People’s vote. That first year, both the CoG and the People put Rick on top. The following year, the tournament was doubled to 32 nominees in much more fine tuned process. In the Gentlemen’s vote, no one stood a chance against Jim$. However, the People dubbed Joyce their gentleman. Last year, Daryl rode a wave of Martini’s to the title of UNDISPUTED GotY winning both polls.

Coming into it’s 4th year, the GotYs are a well oiled machine and the most anticipated time of the year for all Gentlemen. The first round of voting is after the jump. The Full Bracket can be found here

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