2011 Gentleman of the Year – Final Four

Only two rounds left. Will Dmo beat able to derail Tebow? Let’s cut the chit chat.  This is the final four

1 – Rick
– Let Dougla$ and I stay with him all weekend in Killington, got us free lift tickets, free entry to DJ Cassidy, and paid for all our meals
– Is a big swinging dick at NBC sports/dew tour/Alli sports
– Has minions
– Is good at sleeping and yelling in his sleep
– Runs shit
– Has friends at Alli Sports that say, “oh Nick Casanova!?!?!?!  He’s my boy!!!!!”
– Works for NBC
– is a fucking gent
– gave Jim$ a GPS
– Introduced Mar to Jessica
– Cooked a plate of community eggs for everyone
– Is a human GPS helping Ostrowe navigate his way around the city

3 – Joyce
– Wild card
– Has a girlfriend who has hot friends
– Other reasons that I am forgetting at the moment
– Every Man Has a Molly
– Told Heather to shut the fuck up in front of everyone
– Won the Das Boot challenge



1 – Dmo
– Drove Rick and Mar to and from Killington and managed to fit 2 snowboards, skis, and all of our shit in his car
– Brought a Red Bull for Mar in case he got winded
– Is good at fondling college girls’ titties
– Dominant ping-pong player
– Is responsible and didn’t lose his laptop
– Is a gentleman
– Likes the Turge
– Sends emails from his iPhone

7 – Tim Tebow
– Wins games despite not being able to make routine passes before the fourth quarter
– Pisses off 99% of football analysts in the process
– May be the second coming of Jesus Christ


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