2011 Gentlemen of the Year Crowned

The suspense is killing me.  After a long, arduous, and gentlemanly process, the 2011 Gentlemen of the Year have been crowned.  Unlike last year, the Gentlemen have chosen a Gentleman and the People have chosen a separate Gentleman.  Despite the split, both winners are truly deserving of their respective titles.

Hit the jump for the official desktop backgrounds, but not until you watch the video to avoid spoilers.

Before we get to the backgrounds, behold, the 2010 Undisputed GotY’s farewell speech:


It is my honor to speak to you for the last time as a bearer of our morals and standards by both you and the people.  During my term as Undisputed Gentleman of the Year I feel that we have witnessed tremendous progress not only as individuals but as a unit.  It is my privilege to bring these accomplishments to the forefront of your attention.

Taking over the disputed office of Gentleman of the Year from both Jim$ and Joyce, I inherited a competent and accomplished collective coming off the seeming pinnacle of Jim$’s wedding to Jenn$.  I am happy to report I feel that as a group we have achieved the impossible and grown since that day.  Members of our group are battling third graders everyday in the hope that they too will one day become the gentle-people of the future.  Some of us have retired only to decide that they can better help the economy by returning to work.  We have not coerced members of our nation into a shopping cart but yet saved their life by alerting them that relevant major transportation hubs have been engulfed by flame.  We have proven that we can consume $800 worth of alcohol on dollar beer night without lasting consequences.  We have witnessed the launch of an official Gentlemanly website; mostly thanks to the efforts of Jurgen and Rick.  We now have members of our group representing us in a town named after TERRY!  Since this has happened we can safely assume toilets everywhere stand no chance.  We have sent diplomats to what may become the 51st state.  We have had gentlemen unite as roommates in order to help New York City maintain its status as the most gentlemanly place in the world.  We have measured the wealth of our group based on the pants they own.

Sadly, it is also my duty to remind you all of the battles we find ourselves still facing.  Once again this year we tried to battle Las Vega$, and once again the results were at best mixed.  I am confident that we may one day not be defeated by Vega$.

Although my term as Undisputed GotY is coming to a close I look forward to accomplishing more of the impossible under new leadership.  I am excited to say that what I have listed here is only the surface of our accomplishments, both past and yet to come.  I feel honored to have even represented you and trust that you will continue to be gentlemen of the highest caliber under the new administration.


Daryl Daryl Baker

Undisputed GotY, 2010


Gentleman’s Gentleman.  Eddie O defeated Rick in the final to prevent the first repeat gentleman.  Peg is still skeptical thinking that Eddie O must have done something bad to be so highly regarded, however, I can assure her that is untrue.  Congrats  Eddie O. Hope you and Griff celebrate big

The Gentleman's Gentleman

The people were backing Joyce all week until late Friday night.  Some time while everyone was sleeping the Tebow fans came out of the woodwork and pushed hims ahead for the victory.  This matched received the rare double jinx from Rick as he made the Tebow Victory background last week. Then when Joyce seemed like he was going to win on Thursday, he made the video with Joyce’s victory, then had to change it again Saturday morning.

The People's Gentleman

And here is a background for both Gentlemen

The Gentlemen of the Year

May the god bless you for ever

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