Happy Birthday to the CoG

Five years ago today, The Chain of Gentlemen was born with a simple message from Rick at 7:31AM ET

bah you are all gentlemen

That original email was received by: Mar, Dmo, Sarge (Before he came to be known as Sars), Jim$ and Moro.  Now the chain is 16 members strong.  The CoG actually pre-dates its birthday to the Fall of 2005.  Rick, Dmo, Ostrowe, and Mar were the inaugural members. Mind you, Rick was the only person who had Gmail at the time.  Everyone else was using their work email addresses.  Soon Jim$ would be added.  Back in those days, the chain seemed to have a different subject every day depending on recent events.  Quite often, those subjects contained red flag words.  As such, Jim$ and Dmo were chastised on multiple occasion by their IT department.  One day, Jim$ requested that we use a more appropriately titled chain.

Mid-2006 – The Appropriately Titled Chain is created

Feb. 6  2007 – Mar complains that the name of the chain hasn’t been changed in ages.  “The subject of this chain hasnt changed in decades” Chain is created.

Feb. 22 2007 – Sars brings back the Appropriately Titled Chain

Mar 1, 2007 – Ostrowe: “today i believe that was a great flag day”

Jun. 29, 2007 – Mar sends the final ATT email: “big ol titties.  bah yesterday was my last day, big E came out for a few beers last night and i think he was banging margaret paride”

Fourth of July Weekend 2007

July 5, 2007 – The CoG is formed.

July 5, 2012 – 90,000 emails later, the CoG is still going strong.
Eddie O: I sometimes wonder about the future of the Chain.  Will it one day just fizzle out…officially be retired…remain until the last Gentleman is on this Earth?
Poppers: Email will die before the chain.

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