How to be a Gentleman #499

 Know how to get to Pat’s King of Steaks in Philly

9th and Passyunk, Philadelphia, PA 19147

A Pat’s Cheesesteak is the Godfather of sandwiches.  Gentlemen have gone to great lengths to enjoy this taste explosion.  This June when Rick had an event in Philly, Ostrowe requested he bring one back for him, then on a Sunday night, came into the city at 9P just to eat said sandwich.  On another occasion, Rick brought home eight cheesesteaks for a feast of Gentlemanly proportions at Fitzy’s.

In a world with GPS everywhere these days, knowing directions is a lost art.  However, in the case of a worldwide satellite blackout (or evil GPS uprising), all Gentlemen should be able to guide themselves to Pat’s.

Step 1: Get to I95.  It runs from Maine to Florida. You should be able to find it and know if you are north or south of Philly.

Step 2: Once in the Philadelphia city limits, get off on exit 20.  Follow signs to Washington Avenue and turn east.  (It is the only direction you can turn)

Step 3: Make a left on 10th St

Step 4: Make a left on Wharton St

Step 5: Find parking

Step 6: Mangia. Just make sure to get enough for your friends

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