How to be a Gentleman #495

Have at least 3 karaoke songs in your arsenal

“My entire life is practicing for karaoke”
– Rick

There was a dark time in my life when I was against karaoke, however, ever since I saw the light I have become a very vocal supporter. Karaoke may seem like a cake walk at first, but I can attest that there is nothing worse than learning the real words to Don’t Stop Believing or Under Pressure while performing on stage. Follow these simple rules to have a great time every time.

1) As mentioned above, have at least 3 go to karaoke songs. These are songs that you can sing in your sleep without even looking at the words on the screen. This leads to more confidence and the added bonus of being able to sing to the crowd instead of at a monitor.

2) Read the crowd. If the audience skews young, stay away from Styx or Zeppelin. If the audience is older, ditch Miley Cyrus and One Direction. Regardless of how well you know the songs. 75% of a good performance is how much the audience likes the song, not how well you sing it.

2a) Along the same lines, it is often prudent to just avoid obscure songs that no one knows. This only leads to confusion and indifference.

3) If you can sing (like me), worry not, just don’t get over ambitious with your song selection. This is another rule that applies to Don’t Stop Believing and while we are at it, most early Mariah Carey songs. If you try to hit those Steve Perry high notes, you’re gonna have a bad time.

4) A simple dance during the chorus that the audience can mimic can often score bonus points and high fives.

5) Always tip your DJ/Band

Rick’s list of go to karaoke songs:
1) Hey Leonardo – Blessed Union of Souls: This song kinda of goes against rule 2a, but most younger people will recognize the chorus. I just love this song so I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Plus, Jmac started singing the harmonica solo for this song which usually goes over big with the crowd. Just be careful is Joyce is around, he has a tendency to steal the solo.

2) Summer Girls – LFO: A tough song, but if you know it cold the crowd will give you props

3) White Houses – Vanessa Carlton: Aided by the Anfron White Houses Dance, this is always a crowd pleaser

4) Stay – Lisa Loeb: Classic nostalgia for 90s kids

5) Torn – Natalie Imbruglia: Same as above. Side note: Never noticed how Torn and Stay are basically the same video.

6) I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men: A classic ballad that keeps the pitch low. Very easy to “sing.” Great song to sing at girls in the crowd.

7) Wonderwall – Oasis: Always leads to a group sing-a-long. Kind of a cop out, but if the crowd is dying, this will usually bring them back. There is a reason this song was featured in How to Play the Guitar Good Enough to Get you Laid

8) Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Taylor: Always fun to throw in curses like the Dan Band in Old School. Just try to get the 4 minute version and not the one with a 3 minutes instrumental interlude in the middle. Nobody wants that.

9) Paradise by the Dashboard Light – Meat Loaf: At nearly 9 minutes long, this song is better suited for private booths when you have a good amount of guys and girls.

10) Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen: Freddie Mercury rules. That is all

11) I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys: Girls love it when you sing this song. I’m pretty sure it brings them back to their youth and no matter what you sound like, all they hear is the real deal. Oh and if you only click on one link, make it the one for this song.

12) It’s All Coming Back to me Now – Celine Dion: Totally worth it just for the ” Is he really singing this song” looks from the audience.

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