How to be a Gentleman #493

If you are ever flying a large plane out of NYC and you lose both engines after hitting a flock of geese,  land the plane in the Hudson while making sure all 155 passengers and crew members survive.

Captain Chesley Sullenberger: 2009 Gentleman of the Year Nominee

Chesley Sullenberger enrolled in the United State Air Force Academy in 1969.  In his senior year he was named “Top Flyer” in his class.  Once his military career was over in 1980, he started working in commercial aviation.  On January 15, 2009, Sully was Pilot in Command of US Airways Flight 1549.  Shortly after taking off from LaGuardia, the plane hit a large flock of geese disabling both engines.  After briefly discussing his options with air traffic control, Sully decided the Hudson River was the only place to ditch the plane to ensure everyone’s survival.  Displaying a calm and poise that would later earn him the moniker “Captain Cool,” Sully told the passengers to “brace for impact” and piloted the plane into a safe water landing at 3:31P.  He walked up and down the plane twice making sure that everyone had evacuated before grabbing the logbook and being the last person off the aircraft.

What a gentleman.

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