How to be a Gentleman #491

Own the Dance Floor

Win the crowd. Win your freedom.

Regardless of how well you can dance, you will look ten times better on the dance floor than you will standing on the sidelines just watching.  Even bad dancers get props for being confident enough to be out there.  Once you are out of high school, you have no excuse. We are all adults here people.  Here are some dances moves to get you started.

Beginner: These are moves that you either learned as a kid or are pantomimes of mundane activities.  While cheesy, they usually get people to smile. While easy to pull off, confidence must be high because you will look stupid.  Rick loves these

The Lawnmower

The Shopping Cart

The Macarena

The chicken dance or this version if you are an Arrested Development fan

The Sprinkler

The electric slide

Intermediate: These are dances made popular by pop music.  While the real dances may be tough, you just need to be in the vicinity of the actual dance.  Just latch on to that one move that defines the dance and improvise from there.

Gangnam Style

Party Rock

N’Sync Bye Bye Bye

The Dougie 

Soulja Boy

Expert: Don’t try these moves.  Only Joyce can pull them off

– Salamander

– Tic Tic Boom

– Dance Pushups: Note proper execution of a dance pushup may lead to you going home with your future wife.  Use with caution.

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