How to be a Gentleman #483

Dish Out Compliments

It is not that hard to make someone’s day

People love getting compliments.  Just a nice simple comment can be enough to turn a mediocre day into a great day.   Compliments show people that you actually notice and pay attention to them, while also proving that you are not a loner who only cares about things in his own world.  Be aware of your surroundings.  I know some of these might be hard.  If Rita’s hair is different, tell her it looks good.  Tell that girl at the bar how beautiful her eyes are.  Tell the IT guy that you like his sneakers and maybe the next time your computer acts up, the problem will be fixed immediately.

Just be aware of two things:


1) Mean it.  A lazily made compliment doesn’t help anyone.  It comes off as sarcastic and brings people down. Then you get labeled as the office dick.

2) Be careful not to over compliment or else they won’t mean as much.

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