How to be a Gentleman #481

At the end of the night, make sure she gets home safe

A Gentleman ensures the safety of others

 After a lovely evening with a lass, the proper thing to do is to make sure she gets back alright. In the suburbs, this is easy, drive her home.  In the city things are a little more complex.  Here are some helpful tips:

1) If you go out in her neighborhood, walk her home.  Simple scenario. However, if this is the first date, this could make you look presumptuous while also making things awkward.  When things are winding down, say something a long the lines of “I have to get home, but I’ll walk you home first.”  If she wasn’t planning on inviting you up, it gives her an easy out while showing your Gentlemanliness.  If she wants you to come up, she will offer and when you accept she will subconscious love her power of persuasion.  Give in with something along the lines of “I really should go, but you look great, how can I say no”

2) Help her find a cab.  She may say that she is a big girl and can handle it herself.  Point out that a Gentleman would never leave a girl on a street corner.  When she gets in the cab, ask her to let you know when she gets home.  Presuming you have her number at this point, continue the conversation via text until you have confirmation.

3) If she is taking the subway, walk her to the station.  Again, ask her to let you know when she makes it home.  If you don’t hear after 30 minutes, send her a text asking if she made it.

4) Never put her in a Rickshaw.

5) Never go to Manchester Pub to end the night (especially if Kyle is bar tending).  His friend takes girls away in fancy cars.

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