How to be a Gentleman #479

Be the Greatest Weatherman in NYC

Lonnie Quinn: 2011 Gentleman of the Year Nominee

 Lonnie Quinn had a heck of a 2011.  He was nominated during his stellar coverage of Hurricane Irene.  Here is his official nomination form:

– Great hair
– Disheveled tie
– Stellar Maddenesque weather report
– Makes Rick feels smarter
– Has commanding knowledge of Irene
– Had his $2300 bike stolen
– Said that Chris Wrqggw was a gentleman on air
– Changed his shirt and tie and came back just as strong for the morning news.
– Mary Calvi: When can we finally say Goodbye to Irene?
Lonnie: You can honestly say Goodnight Irene around 6P
– Only CBS2 News talent with a brain

Lonnie has won 10 Emy awards including “Best Weather Anchor” in 2010 & 2011. Before making his mark in NYC, Lonnie dominated the weather in Miami and Charlottesville.  This Boston College Alum is on pace to be the greatest weatherman in NYC history.


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