How to be a Gentleman #474

Appreciate Chick Flicks

It’s not going to kill you to watch one

There is a negative stereotype about chick flicks in the guy community.  Yes. Most of them are not very good.  But every now and then, there is one that isn’t bad.  Again, this rule isn’t about you so much as is about her.  We are not saying that you have to actively go out and watch and enjoy chick flicks on your own time.  Just have 3-5 that you enjoy.  They are perfect date night movies and if she is happy, you are then allowed to be happy.  Here are some suggestions:

The Notebook: This is just a great movie overall.

Love Actually: Another fun movie with a huge cast.  This ensemble movie is also perfect for the holiday season with hot chocolate.

Alfie: Chicks love Jude Law.  And accents.  You get Marissa Tomei and Sienna Miller. Seems like a good trade off.

PS I Love You: This movie is actually pretty funny, if you can stomach dealing with Hillary Swank

10 Things I Hate About You: Somehow people think this movie is a chick flick, I don’t agree, but that makes it an easy one to put on this list.

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