How to be a Gentleman #466

Be Dennis Bergkamp

Gentleman of the Year Nominee 1998

Bergkamp grew up in a Working Class suburb playing in low level amateur leagues.  At age 11 he was spotted by Ajax and was admitted to their famous youth program.  After 6 years, he made his debut with the professional club.  In 7 years with the Dutch powerhouse he scored 103 goals in 185 appearances.  After a brief stint with Inter, he found his second home with Aresenal spending 11 seasons with the club.

While traveling with the Dutch National Team for the 1994 World Cup, Bergkamp developed a fear of flying after the engine of the plane cut out.  After that, he never flew again earning him the nickname “The Non-Flying Dutchman”

Dennis Bergkamp was my first favorite soccer player.  Back when I bought FIFA Road to the World Cup 1998, I adopted The Dutch as my favorite team because they wore Orange like Syracuse.  Dennis Bergkamp was the best player on that team.  Luckily, the 1998 World Cup was in France which allowed Bergkamp to be present and score this legendary goal.  #Awesome.

Pele named Bergkamp one of the 100 greatest living soccer players and as of this moment, he is the only Dutchman in the FIFA Hall of Fame.   These days, Bergkamp is the assistant coach at Ajax for Head Coach Frank de Boer.

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