How to be a Gentleman #465 – Debate Edition

Is Photobombing Gentlemanly?

Debate, tonight at 11

Personally I think the art of the proper photobomb is gentlemanly.  One of my goals in life is to randomly see myself in a internet photobomb gallery.  As of yet, I have not achieved this goal.  Photobombing is some innocent, cheeky fun that is always good for a laugh.  On top of that, it can even function as an ice breaker.  After photobombing a picture, ask if you can make it up to the offended party by taking the next picture.  If they decline, just make sure to stay out of the retake.  Photobombing the same picture twice in a row makes you a dick

On the flip side, sometimes people give you death stares for photobombing their pic.  Do these people have a valid argument regarding the non-gentlemanliness of photobombing or do they just have a stick up their ass?

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