Taste of a Gentleman: Buffalo Mac & Cheese

DDB is Gentlemanly Productions’ resident food and beverages expert.  This former Undisputed Gentleman of the Year has a palate that can not be matched.  Over the years, many Gentlemen across the country have looked to him for insight on everything from pumpkin beers to tea and from steaks to salad dressings.  It is an honor to welcome his posts to the site.  Today he took a trip to the new Elbow Room location in Newark.

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gotD: Virginia Nights

Last night I went to the Louis Ginter Botanical Garden in Richmond with my mom.  From now until January 7, they are hosting their 18th annual “Dominion GardenFest of Lights.”  More than half-a-million lights adorn the garden and it is truly a sight to behold.  Hand crafted decorations, model trains, family activities and more make LGBG a must see place for the holidays.  Below are two spots which pretty much .gif themselves.

Flatiron HDR Shot

The Flatiron building is my favorite in the city. I could take a million pictures of it, and still find a way to take more. This is a HDR shot composed in Photoshop by combining a few of the same shot taken at different exposures.  By combining them, you are able to get an enhanced level of detail no possible by taking one picture.  I then desaturated the background to make the building itself pop