How to be a Gentleman #450

Be James Bond

Shaken. Not stirred.

Immaculate  suit. Check.

Women love him. Check.

But also try to kill him…Check…

James Bond is the quintessential all guys want to be and that all women want to love. If that doesn’t scream gentleman, I don’t know what does.

List of the best actors to portray James Bond:

6. George Lazenby – So mediocre, they brought back the original James Bond after his only movie

5. Timothy Dalton – Outlived Lazenby by one movie

4. Pierce Brosnan – Love Goldeneye, but not Pierce so much

3. Roger Moore – The longest tenured James Bond starring in 7 movies over a 12 year span.

2. Daniel Craig – May be premature, and controversial, putting him at number 2, but he is awesome

1. Sean Connery – The original and Gold Standard.

Do you expect me to talk?
No Mr. Bond. I expect you to die. 


 If you have missed any rules in the past, here is the full list

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