Taste of a Gentleman: Buffalo Mac & Cheese

DDB is Gentlemanly Productions’ resident food and beverages expert.  This former Undisputed Gentleman of the Year has a palate that can not be matched.  Over the years, many Gentlemen across the country have looked to him for insight on everything from pumpkin beers to tea and from steaks to salad dressings.  It is an honor to welcome his posts to the site.  Today he took a trip to the new Elbow Room location in Newark.


Upon entering Elbow Room, one has basically entered a comfort food Mecca. It has a modern decor though not overly industrial. White walls finished with the pointalism like graphics from the website add a completeness to the decor. With items such as brats and beer mac and cheese or creamy mushroom mac and cheese to accompany their version of classic mac and cheese and some stand alone salads, it’s easy to get excited about the creative implementations of such a narrow focus.  Today the focus will be on the buffalo chicken mac and cheese since that’s what I ordered and Poppers wants me to write a review.

The eat in order is presented in a yellow cardboard to go soup bowl adorned with Elbow Room’s logo in black along the outside. The food itself comes out with elbow macaroni lightly sauced in white sauce mixed with shredded chicken topped with panko bread crumbs, larger chunks of buffalo saucer chicken, parsley and two large celery stalks protruding out the top. A creative and effective presentation of something this common.

When tasting one finds a smooth texture of mac and cheese interrupted with the crunch of the bread crumbs and the meatiness of the shredded chicken. The flavor of the macaroni element is mild but flecked with the tanginess of the blue cheese and heated on the back end with some Frank’s hot sauce. Not just the chicken is spiced but the pasta element is as well. I also commend them for finding a balance of adding enough heat to know it’s there but not too much as to offend the average American’s palate.

Overall I look forward to returning and either ordering this or trying something new.

Elbow Room Newark
41 Halsey Street
Newark, NJ 07102
(T) 973-642-2300
Full Menu

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