2012 Gentleman of the Year – Championship

For the 5th time, we are one week away from crowning a Gentleman of the Year.  In the Gentleman’s Vote, it comes down to Ostrowe vs Joyce.  Meanwhile, the people have voted for a radically different bracket.  For the third time in 5 years, we will not have an undisputed Gentleman of the Year.  Joyce, however, has a chance to be the first Gentleman to win a crown in two separate years (2009 People’s Gentleman).  Regardless, the caliber of these four men can not be questioned.  Hit the jump to vote for the 2012 Gentleman of the Year Read More

Taste of a Gentleman: Six Point Diesel

DDB is Gentlemanly Productions’ resident food and beverages expert.  This former Undisputed Gentleman of the Year has a palate that can not be matched.  Over the years, many Gentlemen across the country have looked to him for insight on everything from pumpkin beers to tea and from steaks to salad dressings.  Today, he offers his take on Six Point’s Seasonal Stout


This is Six Point’s winter seasonal from what I understand.  It also seems to have almost a cult following, which resulted in me having to go all the way to Rockland County to retrieve some so I could see what all of the fuss is about.

Appearance: Deep brown, almost black.  An over aggressive pour (my bad?) leaves a large tan head that lingers and laces on the way down.

Nose:  I have a bit of a cold, so really the only thing I noticed was some of the hops. (Ed. Note: Will someone get DDB some functional cold medicine? He does so much for us.  The least we can do is help him shake that bit of a cold.)

Taste:  It has some coffee going on, it’s also a bit hopped for a stout which was nice.  It finishes with a little bit of chocolate.

Overall, I get what the hype is.  This is a solid, drinkable, stout.  So much so, that I felt the need to tweet the brewer about how I could see myself downing a bunch of them.  If you come by it, pick it up.

Six Point Brewery
40 Van Dyke St
Brooklyn, NY 11231

Quick Review: Zero Dark Thirty

I think it is obvious that I like movies.  But I’m not much for writing movie reviews on the site.  I think the only other movie review that I have put on the site was for United 93.  Which is an strange coincidence.  A coworker of mine knew I was going to see ZD30 yesterday, and asked me to let him know if he should see this movie or Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday.  This is the email I sent him: Read More

2012 Gentleman of the Year: Elite Eight

It is not a Gentleman of the Year tournament without at least one round of suspicious votes.  For the uninitiated, there are actually two competing GotY tournaments.  Much like the AP and the coaches poll, the same nominees are in both, but each bracket has different voters.

First is the People’s Vote.  This vote is held on GentlemanlyProductions.com, you will find the elite 8 polls below.  Anyone can vote in these polls.  And at the end, the People’s Gentleman is crowned.

Then, there is the Gentlemen’s Vote.  This vote is done via email and only includes members of the Chain of Gentlemen.  This vote crowns the Gentlemen’s Gentleman.

In the history of the GotY, only Rick and Daryl have been named the Undisputed Gentlemen of the Year.  As you can see from the links above, the two votes vary greatly, but carry nearly the same amount of prestige.  Will an Undisputed GotY be crowned this year, or will we have a split Gentleman once again?  Let’s find out Read More