How to be a Gentleman #446 (Retro Edition)

These retro “How to…” posts highlight actions of Gentlemen past that have since disappeared 

Own a Fancy Hat

Don’t leave home without it

Anytime you see an old picture of a crowd, inevitably, every guy in the picture is wearing a hat.  I’m not sure exactly when hats went out of style, but it must have been a sad day for the Gentleman of Yore.  Bowlers, Top Hats, Gatsby Hats,  and Fedoras all dominated early pictures only to be rendered obsolete by the dangerous world of fashion trends.

Random story: In 1797 a man in London was labeled a disturber of the peace for “appearing on the public highway wearing upon his head a tall structure having a shining lustre and calculated to frighten timid people.”  His silk Top Hat earned his a 50 pound fine after is caused a woman to faint and boy to break his arm due to the crowd that formed around him. [1]


 If you have missed any rules in the past, here is the full list


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