2012 Gentleman of the Year – First Round

This marks the 5th year we will be crowning a Gentleman of the Year, and every year it only gets harder.  The crop of gentlemen this year feature a lot of familiar faces, however, just like every year, everyone has proved just how gentlemanly they can be.  It is now up to the People to pick the Gentleman they deem most worthy of wearing this prestigious crown.  Here is the FULL BRACKET, the voting begins after the jump:


Douglas C. Mohr
– Buys tic tacs for Jim$ and Eddie O
– Proposed to Melissa this year
– She said “Yes”
– Is a Senior VP at Cisco, according to the Maryland Alumni Book
– Spends 10 weeks per year on tropical islands

Terry! Collins
– Dude manages one of the worst on paper lineups and still manages to be competitive
– Left Johan in for history

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Chris Christie
– Large
– Great command of the hurricane crisis
– Has an awesome fleece he wears everywhere
– When asked to comment on Twinkies, he said “No, SNL already has enough fodder from me”
– Quoted Atlantic City by Bruce on Weekend Update

– Wealthy
– Is a Harrah’s whale
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– Only thinking about one person
– The godfather of resisting temptation
– Is the prettiest girl in the bar
– Sunshine and rainbows
– Let’s people use his room for things when he is not using it for things

– Inspired a revolution
– Biggest new music star of 2012 not named Carly Rae Jepsen
– Hi my name is PSY, I’m from Korea, thank you
– Has Gangnam Style

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Eddie O
– Creator and organizer of Man Day
– Soon to be father of Baby O
– Chump Slap captain
– Loves a good meatball
– Is an honorable gentleman

– Has open tab at demeters
– Saw all the greats including Ruth and Gehrig.
– Yells Brendan Frazier every 5 minutes
– Has an awesome mustache
– His real name is Terry!

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– Gave up his train ticket so Jmac could get the train in time to meet up with LB in Rockland. This was despite him not feeling well and wanting to go home.
– Works 6 days a week
– 29 year olds that look 22 fall in love with him
– Brought a giant jug of tic tacs
– Charming
– Newly elected President of the Postal Workers Union

Jeremy Lin
– Linsanity
– Made the Knicks relevant on a national scale again
– Second most popular jersey in the NBA this season despite only playing 8 weeks

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Victor Yang
– This Email (among others)
Dear everybody of NAPD member:
God bless everybody of NAPD team and their family are safety in this big storm!
Remember Victor’s heart are pulsate and beat with every NAPD member.I put my my finger in cross to pray you,your family and all of the NAPD team’s family safety! Hope all is well with you!
Best regards
Victor Yang

King Henrik
– Swedish
– Dominance in the goal helped the Rangers beat Ottawa in the first round despite being inept on occasion.
– Eliminated Canada from the NHL playoffs thus helping Rick’s company from a ratings/sales perspective
– Plays guitar in a Swedish rock band
– Has a handsome beard
– Gave post game interviews in a snazzy fedora on multiple occasions
– He also has an identical twin brother. So, he did all of this with only half an egg. Or half a sperm. Or whatever twins have to deal with.

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Lonnie Quinn
– Outstanding Storm coverage for the second straight year, proving that 2011 was not a fluke

– Adds color to pictures
– Has twin sons named Ricky and Troy
– Troy is named after Troy Aikman

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– Played “Titty” in Hanging with Friends
– Gave a gentlemanly concession speech/email in early 2012 to usher in the crowning of the new GotY, Eddie O
– Wishes all gentlemen a happy day each and every morning
– Loves strip clubs
– Writer of the DDB Taste of a Gentleman posts on GP.com
– Constantly give Gentlemen updates and reviews on things they should know.

Ed the Hitman Hutter
– Reasons to follow (Ed. Note: Said Dmo on June 2)

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– Is the ultimate gentleman
– Founder and first winner of the GOTY
– Doesn’t molest contestants like most other Family Feud hosts
– Is secretly Izzy, the loveable Olympics character we all grew up with and wanting to be
– Puts up with COG shenanigans in a sober fashion
– Is a wonderful host and provides chip, dip, and Totino Pizza Rolls to his guests
– Sublet’s his shares of Macanova while on extended business trips

– Won the Heisman
– Living up to the hype
– Gives Redskins fans a glimmer of hope

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Wayne Williams
– Big gentleman
– Comes to NY for Alabama games
– Got Jim$ a Alabama onesie for JDIII
– Invited us to Tuscaloosa anytime
– Married to Nancy who is amazing

Maxx Casanova
– His school mascot is The Captain!
This picture

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– Still sends awesome emails from Victor Yang
– Proposed to his lady friend this year
– Flatulates in his office causing people to abort asking him questions
– Graciously declined Yankee tickets after a email snafu

Flo Rida
– hitmaking machine
– to quote Poppers “he’s playing chess, everyone else is paying checkers”

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– Trusted guru of tv shows
– Expert heckler of opposing fans/players/coaches at live sporting events
– Dominates BetBookNY (in other words, wealthy)
– Entertaining use of twitter with @MeatyCalves

– Didn’t throw hutter through the glass door of TK
– Calls hutter his “dodgey little friend”
– Says we are always welcome at “TK” as long as we keep paying those “big ass” bills

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– Master of the Irish Exit
– Marrying Molly. Very smart
– Teaches special needs children
– Always brings community chips
– Wildcard

Oscar Pistorius
– First person to compete in both the Olympics and Paralympics

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– Owns a mansion
– The plywood is very absorbent
– Has fancy labor day parties
– Loves frappes

Usain Bolt
– Fastest man ever, 2 Olympics in a row
– First person to ever win the Olympic Sprint double twice
Stopped an interview so as not to talk over the USA national anthem out of respect

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Tim Keenan
– Owner of the Tim Keenan tab
– Loves Tic Tacs

Steve Sabol
– Godfather of NFL Films
– NFL Hard Knox executive producer
– Fantastic hair
– From “Jersey Bro”
– Battled Cancer

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– Dressed as Slutty Mar for Halloween
– Provided a Steve Nash-esque cock assist
– Is retarded

Felix Baumgartner
– Broke the sound barrier bitches when he free fell from the brink of outer space
– Austrian
– Supports Red Bull

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