2012 Gentleman of the Year: Elite Eight

It is not a Gentleman of the Year tournament without at least one round of suspicious votes.  For the uninitiated, there are actually two competing GotY tournaments.  Much like the AP and the coaches poll, the same nominees are in both, but each bracket has different voters.

First is the People’s Vote.  This vote is held on GentlemanlyProductions.com, you will find the elite 8 polls below.  Anyone can vote in these polls.  And at the end, the People’s Gentleman is crowned.

Then, there is the Gentlemen’s Vote.  This vote is done via email and only includes members of the Chain of Gentlemen.  This vote crowns the Gentlemen’s Gentleman.

In the history of the GotY, only Rick and Daryl have been named the Undisputed Gentlemen of the Year.  As you can see from the links above, the two votes vary greatly, but carry nearly the same amount of prestige.  Will an Undisputed GotY be crowned this year, or will we have a split Gentleman once again?  Let’s find out

Douglas C. Mohr
– Buys tic tacs for Jim$ and Eddie O
– Proposed to Melissa this year
– She said “Yes”
– Is a Senior VP at Cisco, according to the Maryland Alumni Book
– Spends 10 weeks per year on tropical islands

– Inspired a revolution
– Biggest new music star of 2012 not named Carly Rae Jepsen
– Hi my name is PSY, I’m from Korea, thank you
– Has Gangnam Style

– Gave up his train ticket so Jmac could get the train in time to meet up with LB in Rockland. This was despite him not feeling well and wanting to go home.
– Works 6 days a week
– 29 year olds that look 22 fall in love with him
– Brought a giant jug of tic tacs
– Charming
– Newly elected President of the Postal Workers Union

Lonnie Quinn
– Outstanding Storm coverage for the second straight year, proving that 2011 was not a fluke

– Still sends awesome emails from Victor Yang
– Proposed to his lady friend this year
– Flatulates in his office causing people to abort asking him questions
– Graciously declined Yankee tickets after a email snafu

Wayne Williams
– Big gentleman
– Comes to NY for Alabama games
– Got Jim$ a Alabama onesie for JDIII
– Invited us to Tuscaloosa anytime
– Married to Nancy who is amazing

– Dressed as Slutty Mar for Halloween
– Provided a Steve Nash-esque cock assist
– Is retarded

– Owns a mansion
– The plywood is very absorbent
– Has fancy labor day parties
– Loves frappes

8 comments on “2012 Gentleman of the Year: Elite Eight

  1. It must be very easy to fix the voting in this poll. I indefatigiblely protest the the results when they have been tampered with.


  2. According to your own bracket, “Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.” Can someone please explain to me based on that assertion how Psy is still a contender in this competition?


  3. Well if you expect people to take this seriously then you’d have better controls in place. You chose to put that quote on the bracket yet also chose not to abide by it. I am happy to see that this Dmo fellow is putting up a fight against the anti-American, anti-gentleman Psy.


  4. 2009: Charlie Sheen arrested for Assaulting his wife. Not Gentlemanly. He also expressed his belief that the GWB administration was behind 9/11. Do you think we should go back and revoke his nomination from last year?

    I have faith in the people and the CoG to weed out unworthy nominees. That is why it is an open vote. Next year I hope to institute an open nomination process to extend our reach.


  5. Your example is further proof that your quote about being a gentleman all the time has no place in this voting process. You’re playing by your own rules yet trying to showcase something else.


  6. The United States motto established in 1956 by Dwight Eisenhower is “In God We Trust.” Not all Americans believe in God.

    I adopted the quote as a motto for the process. I’d like to believe that I can live up to the statement.

    Did the story upset me? Yes. But he apologized and was sincere about it. I’m willing to move on. Nobody is perfect. I don’t think it was a big enough to merit blowing up the bracket.

    However, I am not completely against removing someone from the bracket. But it would have to be more egregious than this offense


  7. Please send me a list of the aforementioned Americans who do not believe in God. I will visit each one in the off-season and convert them.


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