Quick Review: Zero Dark Thirty

I think it is obvious that I like movies.  But I’m not much for writing movie reviews on the site.  I think the only other movie review that I have put on the site was for United 93.  Which is an strange coincidence.  A coworker of mine knew I was going to see ZD30 yesterday, and asked me to let him know if he should see this movie or Silver Linings Playbook on Saturday.  This is the email I sent him:

That might be the least enjoyable movie I have ever seen.
It was good, and super realistic. Very unsettling. Not a date movie. Ending is amazing but predictable.

As far as movie going experience, I can’t recommend it over SLP. But I won’t go as far to say, don’t see it. You have be in the right mindset to see ZD30 and willing to know that you are not going to walk out of the theater feeling good

Enjoyment wise: 4/10
Movie Quality: 8/10

Random things that bothered me that shouldn’t have had:

– Chris Pratt (Andy from Parks & Rec aka Burt Macklin) as a Navy SEAL

– Mark Duplass (Pete from the League) as Navy SEAL

– Over the course of 6 years in the movie, Jessica Chastain uses the same phone.  Never gets an upgrade.

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