2012 Gentleman of the Year: Final Four

And so it comes down to this.  The Final Four Gentlemen.  No preamble needed.  Here is the bracket as it stands and now that PSY is gone, so is the controversy. Note: the asterisks are tiny Tim Tebow faces.

Let’s get to the polls

Douglas C. Mohr
– Buys tic tacs for Jim$ and Eddie O
– Proposed to Melissa this year
– She said “Yes”
– Is a Senior VP at Cisco, according to the Maryland Alumni Book
– Spends 10 weeks per year on tropical islands

Lonnie Quinn
– Outstanding Storm coverage for the second straight year, proving that 2011 was not a fluke

– Dressed as Slutty Mar for Halloween
– Provided a Steve Nash-esque cock assist for Ostrowe
– Is special

Wayne Williams
– Big gentleman
– Comes to NY for Alabama games
– Got Jim$ a Alabama onesie for JDIII
– Invited us to Tuscaloosa anytime
– Married to Nancy who is amazing


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