How to be a Gentleman #441

Nap Dyna


Girls like guys that have skills.

It is a proven fact.  Girls like guys that have skills.  Nunchuk skills.  Bow staff skills.  Computer hacking skills.  Now, you may be worried. Maybe you are saying “I don’t have any skills.”  Stop being modest.  You do have skills.  However seemingly insignificant they may be, you have skills that can impress the ladies.  Here are a few choice ones:

Cooking: This tends to be an intimidating word.  Most guys see this and think that those seven letters mean that they have to have enough recipes in their arsenal to fill up 3 Food Network series.  Wrong.  If you can master one or two things, your lady friend will be impressed.  However, be warned because secretly in the back of her mind the wheels will be turning.  She see this as her chance to turn you into Emeril Legasse.

Photography: This is my favorite skill.  And the best part, photography is so subjective that even “bad” pictures can be captivating

Voice Mimicking Skills: Ostrowe is a master at this.  Showing people the difference between Chad Kroger & James Hetfield since last Saturday

Trivia Skills: Knowing the answers to random trivia questions is natures aphrodisiac.  Next time someone asks you “Who killed the cock robin” and you calmly answer “the sparrow” just watch the girl to your right bite her lower lip. No wait.  Don’t look.  Just know it is happening.

Dance Party Skills: Not just the dancing party.  The making the playlist part too.  That is even more valuable.  There can’t be dancing without music

Coming up with a YouTube video to be a perfect response to nearly any statement Skills: I have a sickness. Anytime anyone says anything to me, my mind immediately goes to a song or a movie quote.  Both of these things can easily be found on YouTube.  If it takes you more than 45 seconds to send the link, the moment is already gone.  Remember that.

Jon Hamm Skills: Let’s be honest.  He doesn’t have to do much.

For the rest of the rules you may have missed, Click Here

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