How to be a Gentleman #438

Duke v Louisville

Be Luke Hancock

2013 Gentleman of the Year Nominee

The world watched in horror on March 31, 2013 when Kevin Ware’s leg snapped on National TV.  Immediately, everyone made mention of it being the worst looking injury since Joe Theismann.  Even my mother texted me within 30 minutes of it happening saying that she had spent the last 5 minutes watching the clip on YouTube.  I maintain that there have been worse injuries in the years since 1985, however, none since then have been on as big of a stage.  Not to mention few other leg breaks involve athletes wearing shorts.  This minute detail leaves little to the imagination.  All you need to do is watch the Louisville bench to see just how gruesome the break was.  But while people were fainting and puking on the bench, Luke Hancock got up and ran to Kevin Ware’s side.  A gentleman puts his brothers before himself.  Uber Gentleman.

To top off his nomination, Luke came back the next weekend in Atlanta and put on a show for the ages.  He had a great semifinal game, caused the jump ball which sealed Wichita State’s fate, then in the title game made 4 three pointers in 2 minutes which sparked a Louisville comeback on their way to the National Title.  Hancock was named the Final Four MOP.  Gentleman


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