How to be a Gentleman #433

433htbagBring Gifts

Flowers, Whiskey, Beer etc..

If you are invited to someone’s house, especially for the first time, you should never show up empty handed.  Whether it be flowers, beer, food, or anything else, always be gracious to your host.  At the #PWWPFP, Ostrowe brought whiskey for Mr. S and Rick brought flowers (con sparkle) for Mrs. S.  They also arrived with beer and a horse balloon.

However, the best example of this HTBAG is Joyce.  No one is better at this than him.  I don’t think he has ever shown up at Rick’s for FIFA without something for the community section of chips and drinks.  But it doesn’t stop there.  This weekend, Joyce got married.  And during the Father of the Bride speech at the reception, Mr. Kelly told a story illustrating this very point.  The first few times Joyce saw the Kellys, he brought flowers for Mrs. Kelly.  When Mr. Kelly gave him crap for making him look bad after the third time or so, Joyce switched it up and started bringing whiskey for Mr. Kelly every time after that.  That is the epitome of a Gentleman. I want to grow up to be like Joyce


If you’d like to read more, press 1, if you’d like to hear a duck quack, press 2

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