How to be a Gentleman #431


Always Have Good Stories to Tell

A modern day Aesop

A Gentleman should have an arsenal of stories at his disposal.  Whether they are about himself or his friends or complete strangers, these stories will be incredibly useful.  Stories make the world go round and can provide humor, life lessons, warnings  and advice.  Almost as important as the stories themselves, is the delivery.  It may take a few retellings to perfect it, but a rock solid delivery can save even a bad story.  In future retellings, feel free to add a limited amount of exaggeration, because like we all know, you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story.

It should be noted that a gentleman needs to be cognizant of which stories are appropriate and which stories need to be retired forever.   While stories are a great tool, with great power comes great responsibility.  It is important to follow Rule #430 (To Be Continued)

For the Full List: Consult with Snape

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