How to be a Gentleman #428

terry elder

Respect Your Elders


Another post that speaks for itself.  Am I just trying to post things that I don’t have to explain to make this countdown go faster? Absolutely.

Here are Terry’s best Piccinichisms

(5 minutes after Terry wins the game)
– How did we win the last game?
– YOU made the 8-Ball

Terry – Someone should make a program were you can play any card game online
Dmo – Get on it Terry
Terry – I sell golf clubs

Natalie – I started kickboxing and I’m watching my carbs
Terry – Yea I started Kickboxing cars too

If you drank as much as I did you would have trouble getting out of Hong Kong too

(In reference to the previous quote)
Terry – That’s the greatest quote I ever heard, who said it?
Rick – You

I’m fucking fast

Sevens are Magic, and so is this list

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