How to be a Gentleman #427

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Be Mindful of Your Attire

Being Overdressed is always better than being Underdressed

A gentleman should never be underdressed.  I was guilty of this as a lad all the time.  I always chose to dress how I felt like dressing rather than dressing how I should dress.  If unsure, always ask the question of your host or your peers.  If you are overdressed the worse that can happen is some playful ribbing.  If you are underdressed you can be assured that you will be silently judged.  And sadly, in the world we live in, that could of great detriment.

Note: A corollary to this tip may be the fact that a Gentleman secretly likes to be overdressed to attract positive attention, but gentlemen will never admit to being a narcissist.

For the full list, give this link a Lex Luger forearm smash

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