Game of the Century Date Announced!

Judgement days draws near.

CONGERS – The Game of the Century will be played on April 19, 2008 in Dana Gymnasium on the campus of Springfield College. In a joint announcement, Team Winded and Team Rhody refused to reveal the time of the actual contest in order to prevent a mob scene in the area.

The Game of the Century features two very unique teams. One on side we have McCarthy and Lynchy: Team Rhody. This terrible twosome features SIX Rhode Island State Basketball Championship rings, one Division II National Champion, one Division II MVP, one Rookie of the Year, 8 Player of the Year Awards, 82 Player of the Week Awards, four boobs, a three-point champion, a dominant inside threat and both fine young ladies are among the top five scorers in history. On the other side we have The Rick and Ostrowe: Team Winded. They…uh….have zero years of competitive basketball experience…combined.

After a year of deliberations, a date was finally confirmed after a heated discussion taking place in an AIM chat room. “It seemed like this deal was never going to get done.” Ostrowe tells us “I had all but given up on it, but as a Team we decided to put their neck on the grindstone.” The Rick added “Our nationwide smear campaign which made Team Rhody look like cowards really helped make this happen.”

The Game of the Century will be held as part of “Drink your face off week,” an annual tradition at Springfield College. “I feel I will have a distinct advantage,” The Rick said, “as a non-drinker, I plan on using peer pressure to get Team Rhody inebriated enough to swing the balance of power in favor of Team Winded.” The Rick then admitted that his teammate, Ostrowe, has the propensity to get drunker than both Team Rhody members combined, so it evens out.

In a phone interview, Tara McCarthy revealed that deep down she may not be as confident as her facade would lead you to believe. “Pictures” she said, “can be deceiving. They don’t reveal just how much machismo is emanating from Team Winded.” In a scientific study conducted by this very blog, we learned that Team Winded has 47 CCs of machismo per every 10 cubic pounds of body mass. This is nearly double the amount of machismo found on the average football field (unless of course Tom Brady is playing. He is practically made of machismo)

“The key to victory for us” Ostrowe revealed, “is that we need to score more points than Team Rhody.” The Rick continued, “When we take the court at one o’clock, we are going to be ready to play and I guarantee you that we will win…oh crap, I wasn’t supposed to say what time we were playing was I…can we strike that from the record…no…damn..I’m retarded.” In a informal study conducted by this very blog, we learned that he indeed is retarded.

Expert handicapper, Chris Moro, was called in to give his opinion of the matchup. “There is only one place you have to look for a game like this” he said, “go to your local Captain Bar and see where they are putting their money. My Captain, Terry Galligan is heavily wagering on Team Rhody. He bet nearly all his tins of dip on them. So in my expert opinion I would have to say Team Rhody 27 – Team Winded 9. Now if they were named Team Terry! that would be a different story, because Terry can achieve the impossible.”

Terry’s beard will be giving Team Winded a pep talk before the game.


Springfield College is the birthplace of basketball and the tiger lounge. Once Mar tried to climb the aggrocrag, but was denied. He has yet to return to the scene of the crime.

Team Winded is a non-profit organization that is very winded. Whether or not they will ever have energy has yet to be determined.

Team Rhody will probably win the game, but you will never hear anyone admit it. This will no doubt will be emasculating.

Episode Three.

It would have been awesome if this game actually happened. The girls were both college basketball players. The guys were retarded

I didn’t want to explain this video, but consider this the directors commentary.
But please, read this after watching the video. In fact, if you haven’t already, watch all three videos. If you look at the sidebar to my left, click on “Battle of the Sexes” in the “Labels” section.

This video begins with Ostrowe and I missing every shot we take. This prompts Ostrowe to whip out his best Caruso imitation for some inspiration (really, it’s pretty good, here is the real deal). As you can see our form of practice is a little unorthodox, but it works. We finally make a shot, however, it is in a video game. Doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate!