Fast Food Burgers as NCAA Teams

This was hastily written.

McDonalds = UCLA
Storied history. Very popular at one point, number one in the land for many years, but that was before I was born

Wendy’s = Syracuse
Close to my heart. My favorite forever no matter who comes along. Can do no wrong. Not quite top of the heap, but every now and then it is the best thing you’ll ever eat. Face of the program is an old guy with white hair that everyone loves, but he is smart and makes sure an attractive woman related to him gets just as much attention

In and Out = Gonzaga
Since they are on the west coast you tend to forget about them. In a tournament, they are always a threat. Everyone out west loves them

Burger King = Western Kentucky
I guess they were good at some point. Still have a loyal following that swears by the team. Awesome mascot with shit eating grin that could simultaneously be hilarious or secretly be a serial killer

Five Guys = Maryland
Crab cakes and football that’s what Maryland does

Bill’s = UConn
Bit of a newer franchise but has had lots of success. Currently #1 in the land

Shake Shack = Kentucky
So good all the time, so they must be doing something illegal