2012 One Shining Gentleman

After a long an arduous month, it is now time to crown the Gentleman of the Year.  In the People’s Vote, Lonnie Quinn defeated Wayne Williams.  However, we’ll never know if Alabama’s dominance in the National Championship game could have swayed the voters.  The Gentleman’s Vote came down to the wire.  Watch the video above to find out who won.  Unless you want spoilers, don’t hit the continue reading link until you watch the video Read More

2012 Gentleman of the Year – Championship

For the 5th time, we are one week away from crowning a Gentleman of the Year.  In the Gentleman’s Vote, it comes down to Ostrowe vs Joyce.  Meanwhile, the people have voted for a radically different bracket.  For the third time in 5 years, we will not have an undisputed Gentleman of the Year.  Joyce, however, has a chance to be the first Gentleman to win a crown in two separate years (2009 People’s Gentleman).  Regardless, the caliber of these four men can not be questioned.  Hit the jump to vote for the 2012 Gentleman of the Year Read More

2012 Gentleman of the Year: Elite Eight

It is not a Gentleman of the Year tournament without at least one round of suspicious votes.  For the uninitiated, there are actually two competing GotY tournaments.  Much like the AP and the coaches poll, the same nominees are in both, but each bracket has different voters.

First is the People’s Vote.  This vote is held on GentlemanlyProductions.com, you will find the elite 8 polls below.  Anyone can vote in these polls.  And at the end, the People’s Gentleman is crowned.

Then, there is the Gentlemen’s Vote.  This vote is done via email and only includes members of the Chain of Gentlemen.  This vote crowns the Gentlemen’s Gentleman.

In the history of the GotY, only Rick and Daryl have been named the Undisputed Gentlemen of the Year.  As you can see from the links above, the two votes vary greatly, but carry nearly the same amount of prestige.  Will an Undisputed GotY be crowned this year, or will we have a split Gentleman once again?  Let’s find out Read More

2012 Gentleman of the Year: Sweet 16

In this, the 5th iteration of the naming of the Gentleman of the Year, we have made it to the Sweet 16.  The big news coming out of round one was that Jmac the number 3 seed lost to PSY.  Unfortunately for Jmac, news of PSY’s anti-American lyrics from years ago did not surface until voting was nearly complete.

A few people has made comments about the seeding recently.  Here is some insight on this highly technical process.  Starting on Christmas Day, nominations for Gentleman of the Year are allowed to be submitted.  The GOTY20XX chain is monitored by the lawfirm of Piccinich, Piccinich & Terry.  The week after Thanksgiving all CoG members are invited to rank the nominated Gentlemen.  This year there were 40 nominees.  Each Gentleman’s placement on each submitted ballot is then averaged.  The lowest average is the number one overall seed.  Starting from number one, each nominees is added to the bracket in a snake like pattern such that the 5th ranked nominee overall is the Number Two seed in the bracket of the 4th ranked nominee.

Enough of the preamble, here is the bracket as it stands, VOTE IN ALL 8 MATCH-UPS AFTER THE JUMP Read More

2012 Gentleman of the Year – First Round

This marks the 5th year we will be crowning a Gentleman of the Year, and every year it only gets harder.  The crop of gentlemen this year feature a lot of familiar faces, however, just like every year, everyone has proved just how gentlemanly they can be.  It is now up to the People to pick the Gentleman they deem most worthy of wearing this prestigious crown.  Here is the FULL BRACKET, the voting begins after the jump: Read More

2011 Gentlemen of the Year Crowned

The suspense is killing me.  After a long, arduous, and gentlemanly process, the 2011 Gentlemen of the Year have been crowned.  Unlike last year, the Gentlemen have chosen a Gentleman and the People have chosen a separate Gentleman.  Despite the split, both winners are truly deserving of their respective titles.

Hit the jump for the official desktop backgrounds, but not until you watch the video to avoid spoilers.

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Gentleman of the Year – People’s Vote Championship

The most exciting time of the Gentlemanly Year is nearing a conclusion.  However, that means we are about to crown the 2011 Gentlemen of the Year. Unlike last year, and 2008, there is no opportunity for an undisputed GotY.  The final of the Gentlemen’s Vote is between Rick, the 2008 Undisputed GotY and the ever gentlemanly Eddie O.  Oddly enough, Eddie O lost in the first round of the People’s Vote to Tim Tebow who has proved to be a force to be reckoned with.  He has plowed his way to the final and faces Joyce, the 2009 People’s Gentleman.  Joyce is attempting to become the first ever two time winner, but he comes into the matchup as the underdog.  However, never underestimate the Wild Card.  Now it is time for the People to pick their Gentleman. Joyce v Tebow. Who do ya got?

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2011 Gentleman of the Year – Final Four

Only two rounds left. Will Dmo beat able to derail Tebow? Let’s cut the chit chat.  This is the final four

1 – Rick
– Let Dougla$ and I stay with him all weekend in Killington, got us free lift tickets, free entry to DJ Cassidy, and paid for all our meals
– Is a big swinging dick at NBC sports/dew tour/Alli sports
– Has minions
– Is good at sleeping and yelling in his sleep
– Runs shit
– Has friends at Alli Sports that say, “oh Nick Casanova!?!?!?!  He’s my boy!!!!!”
– Works for NBC
– is a fucking gent
– gave Jim$ a GPS
– Introduced Mar to Jessica
– Cooked a plate of community eggs for everyone
– Is a human GPS helping Ostrowe navigate his way around the city

3 – Joyce
– Wild card
– Has a girlfriend who has hot friends
– Other reasons that I am forgetting at the moment
– Every Man Has a Molly
– Told Heather to shut the fuck up in front of everyone
– Won the Das Boot challenge



1 – Dmo
– Drove Rick and Mar to and from Killington and managed to fit 2 snowboards, skis, and all of our shit in his car
– Brought a Red Bull for Mar in case he got winded
– Is good at fondling college girls’ titties
– Dominant ping-pong player
– Is responsible and didn’t lose his laptop
– Is a gentleman
– Likes the Turge
– Sends emails from his iPhone

7 – Tim Tebow
– Wins games despite not being able to make routine passes before the fourth quarter
– Pisses off 99% of football analysts in the process
– May be the second coming of Jesus Christ