Amazon. Greatest. Website. Ever.

It is no secret. I love the internet. What you may not know is that I also love getting packages (who doesn’t?) When I got my first credit card way back in 2004, I was able to put these two magical things together. And since 2004, Amazon has been there for me.
This is an self evaluation based on online shopping habits

Total Orders: 3
I started out in late 2004. I had just transferred to Springfield college. I was a junior. And on October 17th, I placed my very first order on Season 1 of Degrassi. The finest Canadian melodrama cable has to offer. It was an omen of things to come.
Items Purchased:
3 DVDs – Kentucky Fried Movie, Mulholland Drive, Degrassi Season 1
1 Hat
Total Spent: $87….I spent $40 on Degrassi. God damn

Total Orders: 2
Kind of pathetic beginning here. 3 orders in 3 months to start. Then only 2 over the next 12. What was I doing?
Items Purchased
Iliad & Odyssey Boxed Set – I have read a combined 10 pages of these two books. They make good paperweights (Worst Purchase of 2005 Award)
The 50 Year Seduction – A must read for any college football and/or televised sports fan
Son of a Witch – PresentforagirlIhadacrushonanotherchapterofmylifemovingonto2006
Total spent: $65

Total Orders: 2
Ok. So I started out slow. I was still in college and I didn’t have a job. Cut me some slack. The only two items I purchased that year was Season 3 & Season 4 of Degrassi. But those are two amazing seasons. Manny got an abortion. Emma got gonorrhea, Jimmy got shot, the breakfast club episode, Billy Ray Cyrus as a cab driver, Terri gets put in a coma, Stay away from my boyyyyyy both of youuuuuuu, I makea da posters for your dance, Mr. O
Total Spent: $73

Total Orders: 7
Ok now we are talking. This was my first year with a job and as such my spending increased. I also learned the joy of Christmas shopping online. No lines for me.
DVDs – 1 Degrassi Season 5
Largest Purchase – A Wii for Maxx
Total Spent: $504

Total Orders: 10
This was a year of big purchases. It started with a GPS bought as a graduation presents for someone else. A new camera during the Olympics since I was over worked and needed something to look forward to. It was a awful camera. And it ended with the purchase of a 42″ plasma TV. (Sexy) That year I also signed up for an Amazon Visa Card. Now I earn triple points for any purchase on Amazon.
DVDs – 9 Degrassi Season 6, South Park Season 11, Dumb & Dumber, Family Guy Season 5 (The last season I watched), Jerry Maguire (I own two of these…whoops) Shawshank, Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Sarah Marshall & Wall-E
Total Spent: $1825

Total Orders: 14
Big year order-wise & DVD-wise. I managed to keep the dollar amount down though
DVDs – 25 I’m not going to list them all. Taken is phenomenal. Always Sunny is legendary. The Notebook and PS I Love You are embarrassing.
Total Spent: $546

Total Orders: 11
The year may be almost over. But I still have Christmas to make up for the lack or orders.
DVDs – 32 Emma & Ice Box, Scream 1-3,
Total Spent: $969.20

Total Spent All-Time: $4069.20
God Bless the Internet