Wild Card Strikes Again

This is a Ostrowe/Rick joint post

On March 26, 2012, the wild card did it again. He proposed to his lady friend on the sands in Key West taking everyone by surprise. Everyone agreed that this would happen eventually, but I don’t know if anyone expected it in 2012. Ostrowe and myself spent the ensuing days pouring over social media like it was the Zapruder film. We believed it, but yet it was unbelievable. Rick was telling anyone that would listen since he wasn’t able to tell anyone that mattered. With the happy couple mostly avoiding the internet during their last Floridian days, we had no choice but to obsess over the awesomeness this union would provide in the future:

– Joyce’s Bachelor party. Probably not Vegas, but will be a disaster anyway

– The Jmac Best Man Toast. “Should I be funny? What is no one laughs? No I’m going to do it seriously. No I can’t. What does it matter, I’m handsome. People are just going to be gazing at my face, not listening to my words”

– The Murph Best Man Toast. “uh Joyce is a good friend. I wish them the best”

– Ostrowe trying to keep a straight face during said Best Men Toasts

– Ostrowe and Rick being the most immature people at this wedding

– It’s going to be a HUGE wedding. Both parties have tons of friends and family friends

– The Return of Table 2

– The Return of Martini Daryl

– Ceremonial Dance Pushups

– Over/Under on number of times Mrs. Joyce Cries: 37.5

– Change in the dynamic from the Jim$ wedding now that most of the CoG members have lady friends.

– Ostrowe and Rick still being single at that time trying to talk to girls who inexplicably hate them. Even after all these years, they can only be taken in small doses

– Mrs. Joyce trying to pimp out Rick and Ostrowe to every unmarried girl at the wedding regardless if they brought a date or not

– Rick boozing?

– More pictures of Gentlemen in Suits

– A CoG heavy selection of groomsmen?

– Going to get Cheesesteaks at Pat’s in Tuxedos after the reception at midnight

– Joyce’s entrance song being some kind of dubstep mashup he sent to Ostrowe, Rick and Jmac days before.

– The eerily calm Skydive Joyce taking care of business

– Tic Tac open bar?

– Bearded Someone

– CoG Dance Party consuming the dance floor to whatever dance song is popular next May. Teach me How to Dougie

– Finally meeting Mr. Molly. He is a gentleman.

– Mrs. Joyce making prime rib and serving it to Table 2

– Joyce some how sneaking either Torn, Stay, or White Houses into the playlist

– Two Mrs. Joyces!!

– Things not fit to print on a public blog

Above all, congrats to the Happy Couple!