My Day with the iPad Kindle App

This summer my resolution was to determine if I wanted to join the ebook revolution. Like many people, I felt like I would miss the joy of holding a physical book and turning the pages. With a real book, a quick 90 degree turn could tell you how much of the book you have left. I knew I would miss these little joys, but nonetheless as a technology geek, I needed to give ebooks a chance. Memorial Day was the gauntlet was set.

10:30 – After breakfast, I set out with my bike and my iPad for an exercise/reading excursion. I have been reading the ESPN book since Wednesday on my iPad Kindle app. Using the app at home has been real enjoyable. Real Books 0. iPad 1
11:43 – I stop off at the World Financial Plaza for a hot dog. I read a couple of pages of the ESPN book, but the glare on the iPad is really annoying. I can barely read the screen, but I gotta take the good with the bad. Earlier this week, I was reading in bed, in the dark. That was a great experience. Kindle’s can’t do that unless you have a little wiener light.
12:15 – I stop at Pier 17 for some more reading. Again no matter if I am in the shade or not the screen is very hard to read.
1:30 – I stop at Central Park for some Great Lawn reading. Once again no matter my position, I can’t get a clear view at the screen. My eyes are starting to hurt from straining. Real Books 2. iPad 1.
1:45 – iPad overheats and shuts off midpage.
2:00 – Walk into Best Buy. Buy $114 Kindle.
2:15 – Get home, sync Kindle with Kindle app. ESPN book loads to the furthest page I have read.
2:30 – Head to the roof. Lay down on bench. Bend right leg up. Rest Kindle on right leg. Enjoy 3 hours of relaxing hands-free reading (except when I have to press the next page button)
5:30 – Now that was amazing. Real books have been replaced by my Kindle. Daryl was on to something.

The revolution will not be binded. It will not be backlit