New Year’s Eve 2011

New Year’s Eve is the most overrated holiday ever. Everyone knows this and admits it yet everyone still makes a big deal of it. As the day drew near, Ostrowe and Rick had no clue what they were going to do. Being the only single members of the CoG, they did not have the luxury/burden of blindly following their lady friends thus making it a perfect excuse for a random adventure night. What follows is post event running diary. As per usual I have exaggerated everything.

As of Thursday, Rick and Ostrowe did not have plans. Rick combed the web through a myriad of expensive and ungentlemanly options and came across an UWS pub crawl for $30 bucks. Not knowing anything other than NYE house parties, this seemed like a fair deal and would provide a bit of structure for the evening. Eventually, they purchased tickets Friday night and spent Saturday debating who would print them out

7:20P Ostrowe arrives at Ricks, with the tickets printed out. Ostrowe eats two slices of pizza from Bleecker St Pizza that Rick picked up and has two beers. While they half watch the Indiana/OSU basketball game, they try to figure out why they are the only single CoG members. The dynamic duo has mixed feelings on the evening
7:45 Ostrowe: No matter what happens tonight, it will be more interesting than New Year’s Eve the movie Read More