Fly Gentlemanly Air

Joyce tends to scream ‘Korea’ out of nowhere when drunk.  Once Jmac saw this commercial on TV, he insisted we make this version.  Don’t be offended. (Note: This is a perfect example Orange Head Syndrome)

And the best part of all GPs these days is that we get to make outtakes.  I think I am only making videos so that I can sell an hour of Joyce outtakes.

A Gentlemanly Sky Dive

On Friday, Three Gentleman decided that it was a good idea to jump out of a plane.
They were wrong.
It was a f&#*ing great idea.

Some Notes & Quotes:
We watched a legal video featuring Mr. Belding wearing a fake ZZ Top Beard. Obviously, we could not take this video seriously.

At the end of the video a graphic said: “Please REMBER to fill out all the forms”

The plane we flew in was related to the Enola Gay. One of the South Africans working there told us he had been jumping since 1977, presumably in the same plane.

“Make sure your furniture is in the middle of the room” – Coffee Joe, while tightening the harness on Rick

Sadly, April 30, 2010 will also be known as the death of The Big E. Joyce left him at the Martell’s Tiki Bar. He will be missed.

This video is a prime definition of Orange Head Syndrome

A Gentlemanly Dive from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.

Greatest. Road. Ever.

In Newburgh, there lies a road which inspires men and women alike. Anytime I drive up to my cousin’s house we drive past it, and just seeing the sign fills us with awe. We are of course talking about Route 17K. Or as I like to call it: Route 17 Thousand.

Every time Maxx and I see the sign we always laugh and can’t help but start creating Bill Brasky-esque facts (Chuck Norris-esque for those of you not familiar with SNL sketches…..Brasky is 9 years older than Chuck Norris facts). Tonight we spent over two hours coming up with facts, and while I can’t remember them all, here are a choice few.

Note: Orange Head Syndrome Ahead

There was once a crack in Route 17 Thousand. They now call it the Grand Canyon
They say the Great Wall of China was built to keep out the Mongolians. Wrong. It was built to keep out Route 17 Thousand
The last digit of Pi is Route 17 Thousand
The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French to protect them from Route 17 Thousand
In the original game of Clue, the only correct answer was: It was Route 17 Thousand, with the Route 17 Thousand, on Route 17 Thousand
Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack tried to jump over Route 17 Thousand but was killed
It doesn’t rain on Route 17 Thousand. Route 17 Thousand rains on the sky
Route 17 Thousand eats pure steel for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For Dessert? Key Lime Pie.
God made us in his image. God was made in the image of Route 17 Thousand
Route 17 Thousand is it’s own father
On the seventh day Route 17 Thousand rested
There is no speed limit on Route 17 Thousand. More people have survived because of that.
There are no accidents on Route 17 Thousand. Just sacrifices
The Beatles song Help! was inspired by Route 17 Thousand. Surprisingly so was Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I Love You Always and Forever, and Closer by NIN
Route 17 Thousand was the inspiration for Nicholas Cage’s character in Con Air
Monica Lewinsky was a cover-up. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
Route 17 Thousand did have sex with that woman
Jack Sprat could eat no fat. His wife ran away with Route 17 Thousand
Route 17 Thousand can believe it’s not butter
Route 17 Thousand framed Roger Rabbit
Route 17 Thousand was the shooter on the grassy knoll
Route 17 Thousand ended the cold war
Route 17 Thousand is a road that cars drive on
Route 17 Thousand did have sexual relations with that woman
Only three things can survive a nuclear bomb. Cockroaches, Twinkies and Route 17 Thousand

Merry Christmas.