The Pizza Study

After 365 days of counting every slice of pizza I ate, the Pizza Study is now over. I ate 292 slice over the course of the year. The only thing I learned is that when you tell people that you are tracking the number of slices you eat, most of them usually say: “You have too much time on your hands”

I took an (awful) picture of every slice of pizza I ate from April 1, 2010 to March 31, 2011. Final Tally. 292 slices

Pizza Milestone

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, this will all be foreign to you. And if you DO follow me on Twitter you have already grown sick of all my pizza related tweets.
Today was a big day in the pizza world. On Day 130 I had slice 100. Considering I was not in NY for 3 weeks in July, that is not a bad clip.

This is a video to commemorate the moment

Ever since April 1, I have been counting ever pizza slice I eat. This is milestone slice #100

Pizza Time

I love Pizza. It is by far my favorite food. Last month I decided to start keeping track of how much Pizza I eat, but of course, I needed to spice things up a bit. I told the CoG of my plan and decided that I would count all the slices I eat, and the CoG would guess how many I would eat in a year. Daryl decided to be he keeper of the guess and proclaimed that for the sanctity of the contest, he would not have a guess of his own. After 36 days, I am up to 25 slices. That puts me on pace for 253 slices on the year. That is a healthy number. Stay tuned to Twitter for updates as I try to take pictures of every slice before I eat it.


Back in April, Maxx came up to New York. He had pizza waiting for me when I got home. That led to this excellent email exchange:

Rick: Maxx is a gentleman. I came home and he was waiting for me with a small pie. I thusly had slice #11. Slice 12 might be coming soon
Ostrowe: Bah, I don’t know how you could keep eating after that sumptuous Masters feast we had today
Poppers: Ostrowe stop trying to lead the witness, let the pizza eater behave in his natural state.
Ostrowe: I was more referring to the fact that I thought my stomach was going to burst on the ride home than trying to influence Rick. Not that he could be influenced. His love of pizza knows no bounds. It is as pure as a virgin snow. It is a love that some of us, if we’re lucky, will be able to someday understand, but for now we can only hope.