Title Track (6.18.10)

I started this blog in 2006. That summer I was interning at NBC and sitting around watching the World Cup. The past week hasn’t been much different than this post from then http://mexirick.blogspot.com/2006/06/day-in-life-of.html

NBC has completely spoiled me. I am never going to be able to work someplace where there isn’t a TV on my desk. How am I going to be able to watch the World Cup in 2014? Or March Madness?

Joyce: Did you see that?! Did you see that?! I parkoured the shit out of that Subaru

After we went skydiving last month. The Big E was unfortunately left behind at the Tiki beach bar. The next day, while sitting at Belmont, Joyce called to ask if he was in the lost and found.
“…He is green and in the shape of an E…Yea, he is pretty big…you don’t have one…well, if you turn him on his side he is a M…”

As part of Daryl’s Mansion warming party, we had dinner at the Captain’s Table (TERRY?!?!). On the walk home Daryl sat in a shopping cart while we pushed him. When we got back to his mansion, we started watching Degrassi (Shocker)
Daryl: I don’t get it, I was just pushed in a shopping cart down Frost Lane and they aren’t talking about me on this show.
[Short while later]
Daryl and Dmo are arguing balls and strikes
Daryl: Until you get pushed in a shopping art, you’ll never understand.

Dmo: Where are we going?
Rick: I need to stop at home to pick up some stuff
Ostrowe: You need to B.O.
Dmo: Do you want my safari hat? Would that help?

Oliver and Sid are the two best friends in the whole world.

In the tradition of LOL Cats, LOL World Cup is great. Magnets. How do they work?

This BMX .gif is downright amazing

This video is amazing. The fact that Wall-E is in it makes it even better

Primavera from Metron on Vimeo.

The rest of these videos aren’t bad either

Joyce: I sing….I am in a band you may know. We are called Oasis.

“You will never know happiness like this” (via Reddit)

When Life slips you a Jeffery, just pet the fuzzy wall.

Quick Outs: 4.21.10

Mailing it in for a cheap post. Still think you will enjoy it though

This might be the greatest pickup line if you ever got it to work. Please try it.

Kermit’s X-Ray makes me laugh every time I see it. I hung up this pic on the wall next to me at the Olympics

T-Rex always wins

One day I aspire to make a .gif this great

Great Pic from the Super Bowl. Yea. I know it’s old

Don’t know what is better in the video. The Audio of the skier or the announcer. Sure Barney’s video has class, but gate to the groin has a gate to the groin
Skier Gets Critical Nut Shot – Watch more Funny Videos

Haters gonna hate: The Original
Haters gonna hate: The Mario Remix

Old Spice created one of the greatest commercials of all time. And they did it in one take

After seeing this pic, try pronouncing Hoboken the correct way

Another thing I enjoy. Venn Diagrams

Title Track (2.2.10)

Only two more days in New York between now and March 1. Crazy how fast it snuck up on me. 1/4 nervous, 3/4 excited. This will be my first time leaving the country. I’m not as wealthy as Dougla$

Ten best picture nominees is way too much. This just allows more production companies to put “Best Picture Nominee” on DVD cases, which in turn could help boost rentals and sales, which in turn leads to more money for Hollywood. Everyone wins. Oh wait, only they win.

iPad. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.
No Flash – Thumbs Down. Apple and Adobe are always fighting. But flash eats up a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, the lack of flash is a good thing for AT&T. There’s a map for that
4:3 – Thumbs Down. Does not lead to a good movie watching experience.
It’s an Apple Product – Thumbs Up. Means people will want it no matter what.

96 team NCAA Tourney would be awful. The coaches support it because it gives them a better chance of making the dance, even in bad years. Big East might get 11 or 12 teams in. That’s bigger than some conferences

It’s a Frap! – This would make me drink coffee if I saw it in person.

When I was a lad, I read about Venus Flytraps once and I thought they would eat me. They scared the crap out of me. I eventually got over that fear. Until I saw this BBC video

I love Pixar. This is the creepiest video they have ever made. And I love it

I am a bitch ass caption maker. Now the rest of the world sees my skills

Greatest tweet ever: “Direction” in Pig Latin sounds like the greatest holiday ever. (Via @mattvancil)

T-Rex is awesome. So are these two links. Hold on to your butts.

Some people are born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people dance.

Title Track (12.15.09)

We now take time out from the Gentleman of the Year voting to bring you some random musings from a Piccinich

Re: Tiger Woods. The most debated question these days is what his sponsors should do. Everyone has been asking Nike, Gatorade, American Express, and AT&T how they are going to handle the situation. However, the first shot was fired by Accenture who dropped Woods on Sunday. This move will provide them more exposure and positive press than actually sponsoring Woods. They will forever be linked to Tiger by no longer being linked to him.

As of today, the story has appeared on the cover of the New York Post for 17 straight days. Just 2 short of the record. 9/11. UPDATE: On Friday Nov. 18 Tiger made his 20th straight cover. He now holds the record. Unreal

I would imagine porn on blu-ray would be more disturbing than titillating. Unless of course they had all the make-up in the world.

Here is an interview I did for AlliSports.com. 10 questions are mine. I planted some fake ones in there too. Whoops.

Introducing a new CTS feature: Photo of the Day. Check the Twitter feed on the left daily for new pics.

Jersey Shore is awful. But sucker punches will forever be known as Snookie Punches

Here is my only thought about Syracuse basketball now being a #1 seed in Professor Lunardi’s most recent Bracketology. 😀

Words of Wisdom: If you are drunk, don’t think you can beat Danielle in Dr. Mario. Note: May also be true if you are sober. But I have no proof.

Waking up not in a bathtub of ice is something I look forward to every morning.

When I was in elementary school. I got fooled by the old “Your epidermis is showing” gag. When I got home, I asked my mom if I could get them back with any weird thing. She told me to ask people if they had fallopian tubes. This TFLN is much worse:
(801): so my 6 year old came home from school and asked me if he was a bastard cause the kids at school called him one, i told him to call them a clit. those parents will hate me

Sam Anderson reviews the Michael Jordan biography he wrote when he was 13. Epic.

This website will give you random things to do on any given day. I wonder if one of the things is to click on the lever 100 times in a row?

Greatest Palindrome ever? Taco Cat

Bulletin Board Win. I love meat. No Homo.

According to Billboard. Nickelback is the band of the decade. Let that sink in.

It is depressing that I have reached the age that Hollywood is already remaking movies from my youth. But if I were to tell me Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe were remaking Robin Hood, that would be something I’d be interested in

Ten Random Songs for This Post:
1) In To Deep – Genesis
2) Work – Jimmy Eat World
3) 21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion
4) Cryin‘ – Aerosmith (God Bless 1990’s Alicia Sliverstone’s)
5) Daughter – Pearl Jam
6) Centerfold – J. Geils Band
7) You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
8) Poison – All Time Low
9) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Frankie Valli
10) Manhattan – Kings of Leon

For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!

Title Track (11.9.09)

Nothing beats a gentlemanly gathering

The NCAA has the right to pull out of their March Madness deal with CBS in 2010. If they do so, ESPN will be the odds on favorite to win the resulting bidding war. That would be awful. Dick Vitale calling the Championship game is my nightmare.

Greatest. Tourism. Ad. Ever.

A sampling of Joyce Quotes:
You’re just meat on the street
I just needed 4 more inches that’s what she said
This place is classy, you can’t stand on chairs

My Halloween Costume: Fake mustache. Aviators. Blazer. DARE T-Shirt
Random Person: What are you supposed to be?
Me: I’m a friend of your mom. She told me you’d be down here. I can show you where she is if you come with me. Want some candy? I have some Snickers. What? You don’t like those? I have some different kinds in my car. It is parked down by the river.

Overheard in CP: “Only a little more to go honey. When we get home I am going to make you the best grilled cheese sandwich EVER”

College Humor FTW. So well done.

Halloween 2009. Wow. That just happened.
Highlights: Joyce & Jmac in Canadian Tuxedos. Danica Patrick. Ghostbusters doing the Rococoa Bang. Goddamn Banana. Joyce walks home 5 miles at 3am. He stops at McDonalds and orders a burger despite the fact he had no money.

This scenario has only gone through my head about 3000 times. It is amazing when someone actually puts it on paper

Even more Random Acts of Gentlemen:
Joyce almost gets kicked out of The Dove Parlor for doing Dance pushups. Rick and Ostrowe are not gonna protest. Random guy thinks Gutter is a tool. The Gentlemen say “How bout a revolution” and leave the bar. No one follows. Joyce unveils the Salamander: Throws himself on the ground in front of unsuspecting pedestrians, just lays there. First group steps over him. Second group throws a banana at him. Third group runs away screaming. Ostrowe locks Joyce in sketchy white van. Joyce snaps. Destroys all bikes and newspaper stands in his path.

Only click here if you want nightmares.

I guess you always need to have a backup plan. Thank god the Apollo 11 backup plan did not need to be unveiled.

The saddest picture in the history of the world to any one who played way too much Mario as a kid

Gene Shalit may have not won the Greatest. Mustache. Ever. Contest. But he just won my heart. No Homo

I’d like to think I was a nerd, but I might just be a dork

Haikus are Easy
But Sometimes They Don’t Make Sense
(Via This)

Ten Random Songs To End It:
Great Expectations – The Gaslight Anthem
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Fiction – Matchbook Romance
Having a Blast -Green Day
Hair of the Dog – Senses Fail
Dick in a Box – Lonely Island
Off That – Jay-Z feat. Jimmy Brooks
Southern Rock – Alkaline Trio
House Fire – The Junior Varsity
Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

You’re Welcome

Quick Outs 6.23.09

Time for a good old fashion link dump with some of my favorite recent finds on the internet.

Keyboard Cat is the latest big meme to hit the internet. This is my favorite.

Not Original closing remark:
Today, I used a cheese grater. It did not make the cheese greater. MLIA

Quick Outs

Here are some of the things that have made me laugh out loud in a very obnoxious manner in the last few weeks

I have turned the corner. I am ready to officially admit that I am a fan of Justin Timberlake. He is uber talented. And he killed it on SNL this past weekend. Here are the two best clips


I’ve had it with these monkey fighting censors changing my Monday to Friday lines. Thank heaven for SOAP on FX

High Fives on the Escalator – Watch more Funny Videos

Picture links!
Awesome poster for new season of True Blood

Modern Art Defined

I’m a the freaking pope

Makes me laugh every time

Graffiti Win

Ahhh. The Internet.

I love the internet.

Do you remember in elementary school when we had to write papers using only books and encyclopedias? Kids these days don’t have to do that. Remember when you had to wait till the following morning to find out news and sports scores. Not anymore. The internet has enriched our lives and I will be forever grateful. (Ed. Note: I hate that word. It always looks spelled wrong.) Personally I prefer the internet to pretty much everything information related. I spend way more time on the internet every week than I do watching TV or reading the paper. As such, I pride myself as a person who can do/find pretty much anything online. The only thing I don’t specialize in is message boards, but Dmo has got me covered in that aspect.

(Side Note: One such message board is 4chan. They have pretty much shaped a lot of internet humor. But have also created most of the internet mischief. Keaton used to say that he didn’t believe in the internet, but he was afraid of it. Well I believe in the internet and the only thing that scares me is 4chan)

Back to the point of this post. I have recently started following Urlesque in google reader (PS if read blogs on occasion, are aren’t using google reader, you are missing out. Go there now. I’ll wait. You can even subscribe to this blog.) Urlesque just revealed their list of 100 most iconic internet videos. I went through the whole list and there were 20 that I had not seen before:
97, 96, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 87, 81, 67, 66, 65, 61, 56, 55, 52, 39, 37, 31, 2
I quickly changed that.

– My favorite has been documented here before: Panda Sneeze came in at number 10
– I was surprised David at the Dentist cracked the top 10 being that it came out in 2009
Other Favorites:
Lazy Sunday: Classic
Free Hugs: Great inspirational video, even greater song
Dramatic Chipmunk: I could watch this all day
Bill O’Reilly: We’ll do it live!!

Finally, this entire post was a buildup for this video I had never seen before. Amazing story that seems too good to be true. It also does hurt that it has Whitney playing in the background. I used to sing that song very loud while listening to my walkman, but I digress….Enjoy the internet!