Title Track – June 13, 2011

In the professional world, people tend to have a specialty. You have people who are great editors, but they can’t write. Or you might have someone who is excellent at crunching numbers, but they are not going to get the deal done. Five years into my professional life, I feel like I have no specialty. I can do a lot of things well, maybe you could even say above average, but I am not super passionate about one specific area of life. I want to do everything.

This is just a lead into profession in which I could be the best of the best of the best:

Minor League 100 Meter Sprinter (City Division)
For the most part people, that are really fast are going to be pros. And most other fast people will doing other sports. There is a huge opportunity in minor league sprinting. However, a hundred meter dash on a track is boring. A hundred meter dash on an active street in NYC would be awesome. With plenty of experience running to catch trains, I feel I would excel in this sport.

DJ for Hipsters
This job would be a cake walk.  It  would easy to focus on the job at hand since I wouldn’t want to socialize with clientele.  If you play old, ironic music, they will love it.  If you play random songs no one has ever heard of, inevitably one hipster will notice no one knows the song and they will claim to have had it on their iPod.  Then the room will listen to the whole song and may even agree that it is a good song.
Sprinkle in some Matt and Kim, Black Keys, and Arcade Fire.

For the record, I do enjoy the last three bands mentioned, however, that doesn’t mean they are not hipster bands.

Grilled Cheese Restaurant Owner
Not to brag, but I make a dynamite grilled cheese. What if I opened a store that only sold grilled cheese sandwiches? You could pick your bread type, type of cheese, and even add something extra (Bacon, Tomato, Avacado, & More!). The overhead wouldn’t be too much. I think I need to explore this in my next life.

An exchange from Saturday Night
Names have been changed to protect the innocent
Laurant (texting Beth): Yes I know its a bar. You told me last night where you were going. I’m not marrying this broad
Laurant: (Mocking his own text) ‘I’m at the red lion next door.’  What the hell am I doing, I can get any girl I want. I don’t know what she looks like, she probably looks like a cow
LG: Time to make a decision, do I keep drinking or do I go find a dude
Laurant: If this girl doesn’t respond, I feel bad for the next girl that sees me. She won’t stand a chance. This girl has no idea what she wants.
(Emo Laurant being consoled by drunk LG. Doesn’t get better)
Ostrowe (via text): I wish you were taping this
Rick: So do I
LG: I really want you to bang Beth on my couch
Ostrowe (via text): Bahaha he’s so supportive
Laurant: I don’t even know what she looks like. How am I gonna find her?
LG: Come on I’ll find her in 9 minutes
Laurant: That’s kind of a long time
LG: I was going to say 9 seconds, but that didn’t seem realistic. Wasn’t going to be able to do that
(3 Hours Later)
Laurant: I’m ok. I’ll talk to u later. Beth is awesome

Since Dec 2009, any entrepreneurial gumshoe would have noticed that me keeping my Peanut Butter and Jelly at work was a sign that I was dating someone. (You can’t make PBJ the night before, it gets soggy). I’ve decided to leave them there in perpetuity just in case someone catches on to the trend

The only negative here is that if I ever want butter and jelly on my toast in the morning or PBJ on the weekend, I am out of luck. Now I know what you are thinking, “Why don’t you just buy some peanut butter and jelly for your apartment too.” I’ll tell you why, because then I will be opening Pandora’s box. Soon I’d be buying a loaf of bread for home and for work. OJ for home and for work. Throw pillows for home and work. I’m not going down that road.

Movies to see this summer:
X Men: First Class
Lost in Translation
Garden State (Don’t judge me. Not sure how I have never seen this. Thanks in advance Netflix)
Tree of Life
Super 8
The Art of Getting By
30 Minutes or Less

Last night the Mavs defeated LeBron James and the Heat to capture their first ever title. With the majority of the country ecstatic that the Heat did not win a championship, I can’t help but remember the times when Dallas was the defacto worst team in the league since that was the first team you played against in NBA Jam. It is also worth pointing out that the fact that America was rooting for the German is a complete 180 from every good guy v bad guy movie of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s to some extent

I never realized how beautiful this place was

Title Track: 10.29.10

Gotta make sure I keep up the streak of one post per month since the blog started.

After a night in the city
Rick: I feel like a million bucks right now
Jmac: Really? Oh that’s right, you don’t drink
(Joyce toasts Jmac’s glass while it is still sitting on the table)

Little known fact. Joyce makes his own shirts. He kit the one he is wearing in this picture over a 47 day period this summer. The knitting isn’t the hardest part though. He has that part down. For this particular shirt, he whittled the buttons out of a tree that was felled by lighting in his backyard. They are the Wonder Boy of shirt buttons

Jmac: Those kids have muffins that are the size of their heads.
(Not sure why this was so funny at the time, but it was that type of morning)

Jmac: I’m like a computerized Robot

Rick: (Quoting Vegas Mar) Zombie Bite or Human Bite?
Mar: Those girls looked at me like I was a used condom

Joyce: Hey Meredith (The Bartender), Terry vs. Toilet?
Meredith: Sure
Joyce: Hey Meredith, doesn’t Katy Perry have the nicest titties in the world
Meredith: (Stunned silence)

The other night I watched The Terminator (instead of the World Series mind you. That’s where baseball ranks for me). It is amazing how bad time was to that movie. Gentlemanly Production movies look better. But that got me to wondering, when are movies made this decade going to start looking old and shotty. Which then poses the age old question, where can movie effects go from here? Can’t wait.

New Weezer theory. They make 3-4 fantastic songs per album that are pre-ordained as the singles. Then they just mail it in for the rest of the album. Random chords. Random words. Complete garbage. I don’t think there has ever been a Weezer album where an unreleased song was any good.

That being said. I still love Weezer.

Gif Party!
Joyce loves Diet Pepsi
Starring Daryl as Vigo the Carpathian
Epic gif is Epic

So Harry Kalas’ son is Rick Astley?

Sad to say, that since the days of Donovan McNabb the Syracuse football has been on a steady downward spiral. Of that period, I have followed them less and less. However, things are starting to turn around. Doug Marrone is turning things around. Things culminated with a win over #20 West Virginia last weekend. Bowl game here we come. Glad to be back on track

This is one of the greatest Simpson’s Lines of all-time:
Even Degrassi thinks so! They referenced it last week….how many people do you think picked up on that? 6? 7? ….God I’m old….

In Vegas they built the Vert Ramp over the pool. It looked awesome. Here is one of the best pictures I have ever taken.


Title Track (6.18.10)

I started this blog in 2006. That summer I was interning at NBC and sitting around watching the World Cup. The past week hasn’t been much different than this post from then http://mexirick.blogspot.com/2006/06/day-in-life-of.html

NBC has completely spoiled me. I am never going to be able to work someplace where there isn’t a TV on my desk. How am I going to be able to watch the World Cup in 2014? Or March Madness?

Joyce: Did you see that?! Did you see that?! I parkoured the shit out of that Subaru

After we went skydiving last month. The Big E was unfortunately left behind at the Tiki beach bar. The next day, while sitting at Belmont, Joyce called to ask if he was in the lost and found.
“…He is green and in the shape of an E…Yea, he is pretty big…you don’t have one…well, if you turn him on his side he is a M…”

As part of Daryl’s Mansion warming party, we had dinner at the Captain’s Table (TERRY?!?!). On the walk home Daryl sat in a shopping cart while we pushed him. When we got back to his mansion, we started watching Degrassi (Shocker)
Daryl: I don’t get it, I was just pushed in a shopping cart down Frost Lane and they aren’t talking about me on this show.
[Short while later]
Daryl and Dmo are arguing balls and strikes
Daryl: Until you get pushed in a shopping art, you’ll never understand.

Dmo: Where are we going?
Rick: I need to stop at home to pick up some stuff
Ostrowe: You need to B.O.
Dmo: Do you want my safari hat? Would that help?

Oliver and Sid are the two best friends in the whole world.

In the tradition of LOL Cats, LOL World Cup is great. Magnets. How do they work?

This BMX .gif is downright amazing

This video is amazing. The fact that Wall-E is in it makes it even better

Primavera from Metron on Vimeo.

The rest of these videos aren’t bad either

Joyce: I sing….I am in a band you may know. We are called Oasis.

“You will never know happiness like this” (via Reddit)

When Life slips you a Jeffery, just pet the fuzzy wall.

Title Track (2.2.10)

Only two more days in New York between now and March 1. Crazy how fast it snuck up on me. 1/4 nervous, 3/4 excited. This will be my first time leaving the country. I’m not as wealthy as Dougla$

Ten best picture nominees is way too much. This just allows more production companies to put “Best Picture Nominee” on DVD cases, which in turn could help boost rentals and sales, which in turn leads to more money for Hollywood. Everyone wins. Oh wait, only they win.

iPad. Will be interesting to see how it pans out.
No Flash – Thumbs Down. Apple and Adobe are always fighting. But flash eats up a lot of bandwidth. Therefore, the lack of flash is a good thing for AT&T. There’s a map for that
4:3 – Thumbs Down. Does not lead to a good movie watching experience.
It’s an Apple Product – Thumbs Up. Means people will want it no matter what.

96 team NCAA Tourney would be awful. The coaches support it because it gives them a better chance of making the dance, even in bad years. Big East might get 11 or 12 teams in. That’s bigger than some conferences

It’s a Frap! – This would make me drink coffee if I saw it in person.

When I was a lad, I read about Venus Flytraps once and I thought they would eat me. They scared the crap out of me. I eventually got over that fear. Until I saw this BBC video

I love Pixar. This is the creepiest video they have ever made. And I love it

I am a bitch ass caption maker. Now the rest of the world sees my skills

Greatest tweet ever: “Direction” in Pig Latin sounds like the greatest holiday ever. (Via @mattvancil)

T-Rex is awesome. So are these two links. Hold on to your butts.

Some people are born to sit by a river. Some get struck by lightning. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people dance.

Title Track (12.15.09)

We now take time out from the Gentleman of the Year voting to bring you some random musings from a Piccinich

Re: Tiger Woods. The most debated question these days is what his sponsors should do. Everyone has been asking Nike, Gatorade, American Express, and AT&T how they are going to handle the situation. However, the first shot was fired by Accenture who dropped Woods on Sunday. This move will provide them more exposure and positive press than actually sponsoring Woods. They will forever be linked to Tiger by no longer being linked to him.

As of today, the story has appeared on the cover of the New York Post for 17 straight days. Just 2 short of the record. 9/11. UPDATE: On Friday Nov. 18 Tiger made his 20th straight cover. He now holds the record. Unreal

I would imagine porn on blu-ray would be more disturbing than titillating. Unless of course they had all the make-up in the world.

Here is an interview I did for AlliSports.com. 10 questions are mine. I planted some fake ones in there too. Whoops.

Introducing a new CTS feature: Photo of the Day. Check the Twitter feed on the left daily for new pics.

Jersey Shore is awful. But sucker punches will forever be known as Snookie Punches

Here is my only thought about Syracuse basketball now being a #1 seed in Professor Lunardi’s most recent Bracketology. 😀

Words of Wisdom: If you are drunk, don’t think you can beat Danielle in Dr. Mario. Note: May also be true if you are sober. But I have no proof.

Waking up not in a bathtub of ice is something I look forward to every morning.

When I was in elementary school. I got fooled by the old “Your epidermis is showing” gag. When I got home, I asked my mom if I could get them back with any weird thing. She told me to ask people if they had fallopian tubes. This TFLN is much worse:
(801): so my 6 year old came home from school and asked me if he was a bastard cause the kids at school called him one, i told him to call them a clit. those parents will hate me

Sam Anderson reviews the Michael Jordan biography he wrote when he was 13. Epic.

This website will give you random things to do on any given day. I wonder if one of the things is to click on the lever 100 times in a row?

Greatest Palindrome ever? Taco Cat

Bulletin Board Win. I love meat. No Homo.

According to Billboard. Nickelback is the band of the decade. Let that sink in.

It is depressing that I have reached the age that Hollywood is already remaking movies from my youth. But if I were to tell me Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe were remaking Robin Hood, that would be something I’d be interested in

Ten Random Songs for This Post:
1) In To Deep – Genesis
2) Work – Jimmy Eat World
3) 21st Century Digital Boy – Bad Religion
4) Cryin‘ – Aerosmith (God Bless 1990’s Alicia Sliverstone’s)
5) Daughter – Pearl Jam
6) Centerfold – J. Geils Band
7) You Oughta Know – Alanis Morissette
8) Poison – All Time Low
9) Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Frankie Valli
10) Manhattan – Kings of Leon

For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!

Title Track (11.9.09)

Nothing beats a gentlemanly gathering

The NCAA has the right to pull out of their March Madness deal with CBS in 2010. If they do so, ESPN will be the odds on favorite to win the resulting bidding war. That would be awful. Dick Vitale calling the Championship game is my nightmare.

Greatest. Tourism. Ad. Ever.

A sampling of Joyce Quotes:
You’re just meat on the street
I just needed 4 more inches that’s what she said
This place is classy, you can’t stand on chairs

My Halloween Costume: Fake mustache. Aviators. Blazer. DARE T-Shirt
Random Person: What are you supposed to be?
Me: I’m a friend of your mom. She told me you’d be down here. I can show you where she is if you come with me. Want some candy? I have some Snickers. What? You don’t like those? I have some different kinds in my car. It is parked down by the river.

Overheard in CP: “Only a little more to go honey. When we get home I am going to make you the best grilled cheese sandwich EVER”

College Humor FTW. So well done.

Halloween 2009. Wow. That just happened.
Highlights: Joyce & Jmac in Canadian Tuxedos. Danica Patrick. Ghostbusters doing the Rococoa Bang. Goddamn Banana. Joyce walks home 5 miles at 3am. He stops at McDonalds and orders a burger despite the fact he had no money.

This scenario has only gone through my head about 3000 times. It is amazing when someone actually puts it on paper

Even more Random Acts of Gentlemen:
Joyce almost gets kicked out of The Dove Parlor for doing Dance pushups. Rick and Ostrowe are not gonna protest. Random guy thinks Gutter is a tool. The Gentlemen say “How bout a revolution” and leave the bar. No one follows. Joyce unveils the Salamander: Throws himself on the ground in front of unsuspecting pedestrians, just lays there. First group steps over him. Second group throws a banana at him. Third group runs away screaming. Ostrowe locks Joyce in sketchy white van. Joyce snaps. Destroys all bikes and newspaper stands in his path.

Only click here if you want nightmares.

I guess you always need to have a backup plan. Thank god the Apollo 11 backup plan did not need to be unveiled.

The saddest picture in the history of the world to any one who played way too much Mario as a kid

Gene Shalit may have not won the Greatest. Mustache. Ever. Contest. But he just won my heart. No Homo

I’d like to think I was a nerd, but I might just be a dork

Haikus are Easy
But Sometimes They Don’t Make Sense
(Via This)

Ten Random Songs To End It:
Great Expectations – The Gaslight Anthem
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Fiction – Matchbook Romance
Having a Blast -Green Day
Hair of the Dog – Senses Fail
Dick in a Box – Lonely Island
Off That – Jay-Z feat. Jimmy Brooks
Southern Rock – Alkaline Trio
House Fire – The Junior Varsity
Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

You’re Welcome

Title Track (9.7.09)

I told myself that I needed to start doing more Title Tracks. Then the mustache contest started and I didn’t want to disrupt the flow, so I now present this Title Track which is no longer timely, but it is two months in the making.

I quote movies so much, that people assume that somethings I say, despite being Nick Casanova originals, are from movies. Here are some of the recent ones: – In the city Up is only being shown in 3D. That is horse-hockey. I don’t need to see Up in 3D, I am perfectly fine with only seeing two dimension. $12 is a lot for a movie. Now if this was a movie endorsed by Billy Mays and they threw in a fourth dimension for free, I would definitely pony up $17. Nothing like seeing an old man bend time and space. (Ed. Note: I said that a couple days before his untimely passing) – You’re telling me this table is reserved? Why is that? Is it waiting until it is married to have sex?

I have recently become a Kings of Leon fan. However, my one issue with them is that there is a song called “Use Somebody” on the same album as “Be Somebody.” The songs are not any way similar or related. It just seems like a song title cop out to me.

Go-Gurt is specially made to thaw by lunch time. Uhh what?
Joyce: Excuse me. Did you go to Maryland?
Girl: Uh, no
Joyce: Oh, because you kind of look like their mascot
Girl: Isn’t their mascot a Terrapin? Are you saying I look like a turtle?
Joyce: Yea, you look like him
Joyce: Is it your birthday? Girl: (Confused) Uh. No. Joyce: Do you still want to Riiiiiiide

Hurling and Gaelic Football are awesome

Here is an arbitrary list of my Favorite NYC Parks which you did not ask for.
Madison (Two reasons. Views of the Flat Iron. My favorite NYC Building. And Shake Shack)


Washington (So long as there are no zombies there)


(Only Gramercy residents are worthy enough for our park)

I Googled Dancing with the Stars. (Don’t ask) I was shocked when Wikipedia was not in the top half of the results

New CoG Facts: Mar is Joyce’s twin. Ostrowe looks like Joey Fatone Jim$ last name is Hendrickson Rick looks like Ralph Macchio Jmac looks like Zac Effron Dmo looks like Lurch from the Addams Family Lois was the MVP of Freedom Fest

(Jim$ walks in)
All CoG Members: Mr. Diercksen!
Lois: What’s your first name?
Jim$: Mr.
Lois: No really.
Jim$: M.R. My mom wanted to name me Mark Robert and my dad wanted to name me Michael Ricardo, so they just used initials.

Saw a bag on the subway. The label made me want to vomit Jacobs By Marc Jacobs For Marc by Marc Jacobs In collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs

In the song “Africa” by Toto, there is a line:

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do whats right
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure whats deep inside, frightened of this thing that Ive become

The Serengeti part is kind of awkwardly stuffed in there. Its like they said “Hey we are writing a song about Africa, but haven’t mentioned the Seregheti yet”

There is a great website I read everyday called 1000 Awesome Things. And wouldn’t you guess it, their whole shtick is writing about a different “awesome” thing everyday. Allow me to add one of my own: When you are listening to a playlist on random, and a great song comes on. (ie White Houses)

Two Biggest Turn-offs
1) Smoking
2) Girls who use the phrase “Hey you”

Rick dons the three wolf moon shirt
Me: I can’t wait to ride the train in this shirt

: You can’t wait to run train in that shirt?

Dear Mar, How’s Abby

How’s pizza?

I’m a gentleman, let’s make it happen

D – I was trying to book a flight to go to South Africa for the World Cup, but everything is booked or expensive
Me – You don’t want to go there anyway. There are aliens everywhere

D – Pity laugh

K – What?!

D – Yea I don’t know what you’re talking about either

Me – Yea…Guess I shouldn’t reference movies that are only three weeks old

Rashad Evans one punch KO of Chuck Liddell earned him a ton of money
LeGarrette Blout’s one punch KO of Byron Hout cost him a ton of money
Maybe he can get a UFC contract. But of course, this was just a segway so I could point out the greatest Game Day sign of the young year.

Overheard in central park -We could go there to eat (Points at tavern on the green) Eww, no, I don’t want to eat at a tavern, that’s gross

And lastly, I leave you with this:

Title Track (2.19.09)

My Oscar picks:
Supporting Actress – Amy Adams (Only because of Amy Ripa on Privileged)
Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger (Deserved or sympathetic?)
Actress – Anne Hathaway (Straight up guess)
Actor – Mickey Rourke (It was a movie about a Wrestler, called The Wrestler, and set in Jersey. /Springsteen)
Best Picture – Slumdog Millionaire (Tremendous)
and most importantly…
Animated Feature Film – WALL-E!!! (Even better than Slumdog)

I don’t care about A-Rod. Possibly because I don’t care about baseball anymore.

I need to watch more Flight of the Conchords.

Villanova @ Syracuse this weekend. Big game. We need to beat Mar State. I can’t wait to see the Dome again.

Congrats to Jenn for winning Gentlewoman of the Year. She beat Peg in an epic final match. It stands to note, Lexi the Stripper was nominated, and after last week, Joyce said he wanted to change his first round vote.

Just went to Deadspin to try to get some fodder for this title track. First time in ages (I use Google Reader). Apparently they are sponsered by T-Mobile. Good for them. Does that make them sell outs?

Speaking of Google Reader. Do you read a lot of blogs?
No – Skip to the next post.
Yes – Do you use Google Reader?
Yes – Nice. Hello brother/sister.
No – Why the fuck not? Do you not realize how amazing Google Reader is? Subscribe to RSS feed and all new posts automatically get updated in one place. Never worry about missing a post or losing track of a site. I have 72 different sites I track, and have “read” 12,528 posts in the last 30 days. Over 400 per day. …Although I have become addicted to it. If I miss a day I feel like I have lost track of the world. This could explain the lack of a girlfriend…

The Onion is great. And their first foray into sports video was tremendous. Golf clap sirs. Golf clap indeed.

For guys. Gratuitous Cheerleader shot coming out of commercial

Game. Blouses.

Title Track (11.18.08)

Song for this Post:
How It Ends – Devotchka
The song from the end of Little Miss Sunshine, and more recently the Gears of War 2 commercial is fantastic background music for any routine activity. Doing housework while listening to this song instantly becomes 10x more awesome. Devotchka is Russian for girl, and was brought into the American nomenclature by the movie Clockwork Orange. In addition, this is also the first band I have ever seen fall into the “Gypsy Punk” genre on Wikipedia. Look for this song to enter my iTunes top 25 by the end of the year.

Fantasy Cred > Street Cred?
Street Cred doesn’t really fly with the mainstream (though strippers do love when athletes make it rain) and there are a ton of people playing fantasy. The Giants gave Brandon Jacobs three tries to score from the 1 yard line this past Sunday. I just like to believe that Jacobs told Coughlin, “Come on coach, I need to get the six. I can’t have the fantasy guys thinking I’m a punk who can’t score”

The Lesnar/Couture fight Saturday was terrible. Everyone is saying Lesnar is the next big thing in MMA. I still think he is an oaf. UFC practically jobbed Couture. He is 45 years old and 40 lbs lighter than Lesnar. They badmouthed how EliteXC was using Kimbo, and this is pretty much the same tactic. Just replace Internet street fighter with WWE fighter.

I will admit, however, Lesnar has a much better chance of learning how to become a MMA fighter. In a few years he should be a legit fighter, so long as no one asks him to pull off a shooting star press..

It is funny how there are people on both sides during every election that feel like the world is going to end if their candidate is not elected.

This may seem like I am fawning over Obama for all the wrong reasons, but he is a tech addict and that is awesome. Weekly YouTube “fireside” chats. He is a crackberry addict (they want to take it away from him since all emails the President sends become public domain, that could get messy), and he wants to be the first President to have a laptop in the oval office.

That being said, I have ZERO political credibility

Last Obama related entry, I promise. On 60 Minutes he was discussing how he wants to fight to get a college football playoff instituted.
1) He probably should focus on some more important issues.
2) While at one time I also proposed a way to fix the BCS (in not nearly as public a forum). But over the years my tune has started to change. I have started falling in line with the “the entire season is a playoff” way of thinking. If teams win their games, they have nothing to worry about.
3) Obama will lose this fight. There is too much money tied up in the bowl system and the NCAA is too stubborn.

Walking around Brooklyn I find myself clinging to the belief that the random lone “white” guy walking around is way more ominous than a group of locals

The L train is the godfather of subways. My life would be enriched if I was able to ride it everyday

After I went on a rant against fake viral videos, I admitted that I have been very cynical as of late. Rob was quick to point out that everyone who shops for apartments in NY will eventually become cynical.

Drunk Anfron + Drunk Joyce = Danger to Society
And I can’t wait till the Preakness because of it. Will we actually get a Boces Van like Joyce said? Only time will tell.

ESPN is now paying 25 Million per year to put the British Open solely on ESPN. Today they just added the BCS for 125 Million per year. First time a golf major has been only on cable, and the first time a major sport championship will be decided on cable. ESPN survives on their subscribers fees, and at this rate, they seem like they want to buy everything in the known sporting universe. The networks are not going to be able to compete. At some point, even ESPN will run out of enough hours in the day to promote all their partners.

Just a straight link here. I must be out of my cynical phase already because I really want this to be real.

A conclusion is simply a place where someone got tired of thinking

Title Track (3.11.08)

Please welcome Gentlemanly Productions into existence after an overwhelming number of you preferred that name and logo over the now defunct MCs & JsTs.

Speaking of that we know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be whelmed? (h/t 10 Things)

Recent developments have brought to my attention another absolutely ridiculous name. J’Nathan Bullock. That’s not even clever. I’m speechless. It is worth noting that last time I made a similar statement in this space (See JamesOn Curry), I wound up developing an unhealthy man-crush on said person. Do the fates have a similar plan in store for me this time? Survey says: No.

Ostrowe makes a good point, J’Gaboo Bullock would be a much worse, yet hilarious, name.

I’m not sure if this whole Elliot Spitzer thing is more funny, or more sad. I am sure however, that it is a wonderful example of schadenfreude.

The website promised “university students, runway models, actresses and exotic dancers”, ready to “make your dreams come true”.

The allusions to prostitution are awesome. And the best part, due to the wonder that is the internet within 24 hours tons of hilarious shirts have popped up all over the place. Here is a taste of a few:
– Client 9
– Client 8
– Client 1
– Client 69
– Client $ (May be a figment of my imagination)
– A jersey type shirt with the name Spitzer and number 9
– I’m not only the governor, I’m also a client

In all honesty though, I feel bad for his family. They are going to have to put up with all this shit and it was no fault of their own.

Following the Prostitution Ring theme, why doesn’t anyone investigate Stanley Steamer? First off, have you ever seen one of their commercials? Some lonely housewife is complaining that her carpet needs a good cleaning. Then this “reputable company” sends a gentleman in uniform over, he provides a service, the company gets paid and maybe the employee may receive a little extra from the housewife. Second, there is the obvious Cleveland Bureau connection. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. If you find me face down in a ditch sometime soon, you will know I stumbled across something.

: Pupino was in surprisingly good shape yesterday, likely due to the appearance of his parents and his new girlfriend
: I am having trouble processing that last statement
: As was I until I started talking to her and realized that she is borderline retarded.

Recent Chain of Gentleman running joke: _______ still _______
The guy from paddy’s still owes me a wing
Yvonne is still trying to get the taste of Ostrowe’s urine out of her mouth
The Tiger Lounge still smells like shize
the MC still has $100
Vin’s Queso Dip is still delicious
(there are too many good ones to list them all)

Judgment day is tomorrow for Syracuse. If they don’t beat Mar state, they are out. Even if they win, they are not guaranteed entrance. Here’s to Gerry MacNamara and the 2006 Big East Tournament.

Post Script: Syracuse is 2-0 this year when I buy tickets to their games and don’t go. In retrospect I should have sprung for the tickets. What a disaster. That was depressing. The lone highlight of the game was the picture text I got from Mar featuring a piece of paper with “Cuse” written on it, in the toilet, with someone peeing on it.

J’RickOn Signing Off