Best parts of Being a New Yorker from a soon to be Former New Yorker


This statement is going to upset a few people. Leaving NYC will probably be the hardest thing I have ever done. Since I was a kid I dreamed of living in New York City. At the time, I thought it was a pipe dream. Then 2005 I started interning at NBC in 30 Rock. In 2007 I started working at NBC full time. Then in 2009 I moved to the Upper East Side. Sure, on paper, I only lived with Olivia, Jmac, and Nisa, but I also count Joyce, Ostrowe, Phoebe, Zestys, LB, and Ben among my roommates.

Everything you need to know about New York can be found in these two quotes

What makes a New Yorker is not religion not money and not looks. It’s not even talent. It’s the willingness to be part of life.

This is from a StreetEasy ad I saw on the subway:

“Sure your window faces a brick wall, but you know what is behind that wall? New York City”

To make matters worse, I’ve spent the last two months thinking about all the things I am going to miss. This will be constantly updated.


Knowing exactly what door to stand in front of on the subway

That feeling of flying into NY and watching the tourists gawk thru the window. Then secretly gawking yourself

Duane Reade at 4AM. Even if it is on me
Avoiding Time Square.

And LaGuardia.

And Port Authority

Everything about Central Park

Hearing people say they could never live in NY

Converting one bedroom apts into two bedrooms just to be able to live here
Not needing a car

6 supermarkets and 5 pharmacies within 4 blocks of your apartment

Recognizing places in movies and TV shows filmed in NYC

No Walmarts


People. You know you are all in this together


24/7 Transportation

You can walk everywhere

The views

Bleecker Street

Knowing how to pronounce Houston Street

Tourists asking you for direction because you look like you know what you are doing

Rooftop bars

If you go to a bar or restaurant that sucks, you can go to a different place everyday for a year and still never go back

Syracuse bars. So many Syracuse bars
Those times when the local runs express to 86th street

Watching the city transform before your very eyes

Being a free hostel for acquaintances who want to live the NY dream for a night. Or six.

Seeing two guys carrying a rolled up carpet somewhere into the unknown

Keeping pace with the aura of the city

Street meat

I’ve never been in the cool crowd. But, living in NY makes you feel like you are in an exclusive club with 9 million people.

Pretending to not pay attention to the break dancers on the subway

Times Square comedy shows (kidding)

Everything premieres in New York for a reason


Staying in the city during long weekends. It’s like you have the run of the place

Enjoying the things tourists don’t

Ignoring the things tourist enjoy

The people. Nothing like a stranger calling you a fucking idiot to keep you humble



I miss her so much already.

The Story We Can’t Speak Of

Until Now.

Welcome to the untold story of the greatest summer of all time. As this story was unfolding, it wouldn’t have been to classy to chronicle it on the blog, but every story deserves to see the light of day when its time is right. Now if you’re reading this post I either told you about it, or you are an avid reader who decided to dive into the archives and check out stories of yore.

Around the time that the Spring semester ended, I started to have feelings for this girl that I knew. Over the past month or so we had spent a lot of time together, however, there were certain extenuating circumstances which led me to believe pursuing said interest was not too good of an idea, so I figured I would keep it strictly platonic. As the summer progressed and I continued talking to this girl I knew. While we talked on AIM we played Truth (it’s self explanatory). We alternated questions throughout the summer; we started with standard questions, then asked more probing ones. We spent the Fourth of July weekend together, had a blast, and then I went to Tahoe. While in Tahoe, I spent money so that I could gain the internet connection necessary to talk this girl. That’s when it dawned on me, platonic was slowly leaving the picture. Unfortunately extenuating circumstances were not leaving the picture.

In the weeks after returning from Tahoe, I solicited advice from some people close to the situation. That’s when Jon came up with this brilliant (sarcasm not included) idea. I would surprise this girl at her job (lifeguarding at a beach) complete with a story that I was going to see a Pawtucket Sox game with Jon. Then at 3:00 Jon would call me and say that he couldn’t make it. Thus leaving me in Rhode Island with nothing to do. So the plan was executed perfectly and I spent the day with this girl. While she was at work we continued to play our game of Truth. As the day went on I started to drop some subtle hints as to how I felt, she mirrored my statements, however, they were too subtle to assume anything (ie the PDA). Really I was just hoping that she would make the first move because like so many Americans I’m not much a fan of failure.

Things progressed as the day went on, then around 11:10 PM EST, I somehow decided to throw caution to the wind. After an hour or so of listening to the mixes we both recently made (both made with ulterior motives), I played the song “Far Away,” and leaned in for the kiss. As it turned out we both had the same feelings, for a similar amount of time, and both of us were concerned with the extenuating circumstances.

Now it’s over five months later and I’ll never forget anything that happened that day. I’m not hesitant to say (although I may hesitate as I say it) those three words which are something new to me.

Lastly, I leave you with this story. And when I say you, Tara, I think your the only one reading this post. As we were walking out of Inty after New Year’s, you kissed me and said that you loved me. I froze because I couldn’t even describe how that made me feel. I returned the sentiment because now for the first time ever I can say this to someone:
Tara, I Love You