Don Leviathan
Chief Executive Officer

As the brains of the organization, DL can control a room with just his steely gaze. Though he was the inspiration for the Most Interesting man in the World and nearly every single vivid movie, he will never boast or brag about the fact. Women see him walking down the street and ask to use his last name. His home town was renamed Three Way, Arizona after one of his Tuesday nights. He has divided by zero, and despite qualms from the Baker of Monroe, he once correctly expressed pi as a rational number




Laurant Christopherse
Chief Financial Officer

Originally from Henderson, NV, Christopherse grew up in Gastonia, North Carolina. He was inspired to get into the production business by hometown hero Wes Helms. Since Wes always was and is a baseball player, we are not sure if this makes sense. While LC would be able to coast by in life on his good looks and charm, he turned to the financial world as a means to make the world a better place.




The LG
Chief Marketing Officer / Wildcard

The LG is smaller than your average gentleman, but his heart is just as big if not bigger. As the designated wildcard of the group, you can never be quite sure what he will do  next. Despite growing up in Sheboygan, The LG and LC were destined to be brothers from different mothers. It was a firefight. At an early age, he learned that bikes suck bro. What’s the craic? Broken.



Executive Producer

Born in the the Scottish town of West Dover, Alaska, Rick doesn’t even like coke. As a boy, he took banjo lessons and dreamed of becoming an underhand boxing champion. When not eating steak he focused on the internet and other activities to make sure he would never become a functioning member of society with real social skills. When he sets off metal detectors, the government doesn’t seem to mind. His love of spiral slides has never wavered even after he was biten by a duck at the Bronx Zoo







Dmo Filmed it.

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