Seven Cities in Seven Days


Back in August, I was invited to a Premier League match. I was given a list to choose from, but I didn’t have think about the choice for long. November 8. Liverpool v Chelsea. While I claim Spurs as my PL team, Anfield was easily on the top of my PL bucket list. You’ll Never Walk Alone is spine tingling on TV. So in person it has to be epic.

As with every trip I make overseas, as soon as I committed to the match, I started trying to figure out how to maximize my time. Every year,  I try to limit my days off in order to have no problem tacking vacation on to business trips like this one. I realize I am very fortunate to have this opportunity, so I might as well take advantage while I still can.

After much brainstorming, I put together a pretty solid plan. The goal is always simple. See cool things. Go cool places. Read More

Fun with 30 Rock

Since we’ve moved to Connecticut, I’ve been suffering from 30 Rock withdrawal.  Now that the tree is almost up, it will certainly increase tenfold.  Despite most people’s complaints about the holiday traffic, I found it to be rather soothing.  One of those things you know you can count on as universal constants like the sun rising in the east, bacon making your food better, and the Saint Louis Billiken.  Until we meet again old friend

30 Rock Double