Hey You: Christmas 2017

Hey You –

Know you are still in Mom right now, but this was our first Christmas as a family.  Pictures.  Ornaments.  And Mom even got a whole bunch of presents for you.  Deep down, she didn’t like that she got less presents for herself as a result.  Just kidding 😉

The first year me and your Mom spent Christmas together (2013), it was a (relatively) tiny gathering.  Nani and Poppy.  Aunties.  Uncles. Cousins.  That year, Mom said she only had one wish.  To have some kiddies running around in 2014.  Well, flash forward to now and your cousins Alex, Jordan, MacKenzie, and Andrew are running around like madmen and women.  This time next year not only will you be joining the fray,but Auntie Janel willl also be having a kid next year.

In terms of milestones, you are entering the horror movie phase.  Mom spends her whole day feeling you move, but most of the team when she calls Dad over, you settle down and make her look crazy.  Every now and then Dad catches a movement and it is crazy.  This morning, Dad was minding his own business and you surprised us all with a fancy swimming kick turn or something  in there.  Incredible.  Can’t wait for the next Doctor’s Visit to see how big you are now

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