Hey You: Baby Class Day

Hey You –

Today Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital to learn about your first few days on earth.  Here are the highlights from our 8 hour class:

  • Daddy texted Nani and Papi to tell them, for future reference, valet parking at the hospital is cheaper than self parking.  Papi assumes Mommy is in labor and nearly rushes to the hospital
  • Upon sitting down, Daddy realizes he is not mature enough for this class
  • Out of 12 couples in the class, only two are keeping the gender of their baby a surprise.  Mommy and Daddy being one of them
  • Daddy wrote a lot of notes and got in trouble for asking too many questions.
  • I think most of the people in that class were robots.  They showed videos of births and no one flinched except us.  We also got to see a newborn and I was the only one who was excited.
  • Daddy gave the best contraction massages in the class
  • Mommy is the only one in class getting Braxton Hicks contractions but she lied and said she never had them
  • To start the class, Daddy said that the only thing he knew about labor was that he would be videotaping it.   By the end of class he no longer wanted to have a camera anywhere near the place.
  • We are so excited to meet you now.  Soon!

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